My foods question

How does this work? I haven't used it because I cant figure it out - it wont let me add but I am sure I just don't know how - can someone tell me what it is for and how it works?

cant believe I'm asking this - I've been a member for along time!!


  • DoubleUbea
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    When you look up a food sometimes there is an "edit" button in the upper right. If you edit or correct a food it will be listed under "my foods".
    If you bar code scan an item that isn't in the database, after you select "add food", enter all the nutritional information it will appear under "my foods".
  • fr33sia12
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    To add food manually (not from the database) go into My Foods and then click Create Food to the right if you're using a desktop, if you're using an Android mobile go into Recipes, Meals & Foods, then into Foods and at the bottom you see a tab to create a food.
  • losergood2011
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    thanks everyone! It makes sense - I thought it was a duplicate of recent or frequent for some reason