My Fitness Pal & Fitbit not syncing

rego1203 Posts: 22 Member
I have tried everything. I removed the MFP access from my fitbit act etc. Logged out and back in. I emailed MFP and got no reply. My fitbit is not syncing with MFP. When I try syncing them thru MFP it says "Another MFP act has already been linked to this FB act. Only one can be linked. I only have one MFP account that I am aware of. Any thoughts?


  • letart0319
    letart0319 Posts: 2 Member
    I’m having the same issue! It’s soooo frustrating!!!
  • KonaKat
    KonaKat Posts: 3,411 Member
    Mine will occasionally not sync but if I give it an hour or so and click sync on my Fitbit app, it will sync. Sometimes the Bluetooth is acting up, so I close it down and re-activate it.
  • Did you remove access from MFP and Fitbit?
  • There are settings on both that you have to revoke access from both apps
  • Imatrekkie
    Imatrekkie Posts: 17 Member
    I tried for a week and finally gave up. :(
  • Sassyk35
    Sassyk35 Posts: 113 Member
    Me too mine won't sync either