Simple things in life that make you happy

ssss6813 Posts: 74 Member
Things like peeling a boiled egg in one go or going to bed in freshly laundered bedding, what are the small things that make you happy


  • caco_ethes
    caco_ethes Posts: 11,962 Member
    When a cat comes and lays on my feet
  • Mrsindepenant1
    Mrsindepenant1 Posts: 196 Member
    When people are happy, chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate mouse, chocolate cheese cake, chocolate milk, chocolate liquor and a nice smelling perfume! Hugo boss the scent is amazing! 🙌
  • RoxieDawn
    RoxieDawn Posts: 15,490 Member
    A kiss at the door when hubs leaves to go to work.
    When my cat crawls under the covers with me, she likes to spoon.
    Clean warm socks right out of the dryer.
    First morning cup of coffee
  • Caporegiem
    Caporegiem Posts: 4,298 Member
    When I get a door open that was jammed shut.
  • Tracie422
    Tracie422 Posts: 13 Member
    The smell and feel of a readers will understand.
  • caco_ethes
    caco_ethes Posts: 11,962 Member
    The smell of a new old fence
  • HealthyGinny
    HealthyGinny Posts: 802 Member
    When I get out and someone is mowing their lawn. When it's time to leave work and all public transportation work just fine and I get to be home early :) Also, I second the first sip of coffee in the morning.
  • RastaLousGirl
    RastaLousGirl Posts: 2,115 Member
    Reading or crocheting when it is storming outside.
  • ssss6813
    ssss6813 Posts: 74 Member
    Caporegiem wrote: »
    When I get a door open that was jammed shut.

    Ha ha
  • sharonedix
    sharonedix Posts: 28 Member
    The sound of a train in the dark of night . The breeze flowing though my hair as I walk on the sand at the beach as the sun is going down
  • PaperDoll_
    PaperDoll_ Posts: 32,007 Member
    Taking my shoes off after work.
    Brushing my teeth.
    Lounging around in pajamas and not having anywhere to be.
    Going into a store with an open register and not having to stand in line.
    Getting the rose from a piece of birthday cake.
    Answering a phone call from a number I don't recognize and having it actually be someone I know.
    The sound of waterfalls.

  • Just_Mel_
    Just_Mel_ Posts: 3,992 Member
    When someone comes behind me and scratches my back without being asked. It's such a nice feeling.
  • kam26001
    kam26001 Posts: 2,799 Member
    When you think you just stepped in some dog *kitten* but when you check the bottom of your shoe there's nothing there. 🤘
  • Breezybreeze7
    Breezybreeze7 Posts: 1,044 Member
    When I see the leaves on a tree move in the breeze
  • spark107goal
    spark107goal Posts: 66 Member
    Food.... somewhat unfortunately :D
  • William54321
    William54321 Posts: 652 Member
    That 5 minutes of silence when grand kids go home