Need Funny, Motivational Friends

Hey everyone!!

I've been here since the dawn of the early MFP days, back when it all started...before you could scan barcodes! Before UA purchased it! Pretty much when the site was still in beta -- I've entered HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of foods into the database for everyone to log!

I maintained for YEARS and was a cheerleader for so many friends here. Last year I slipped up though and gained ALL of the weight back (and then some) during my world travels and working as a chef. Most of my original crew (probably about 70% of FatSecret) has long since left this site, and are happily maintaining and living their best lives.

I've since settled down, after moving from Canada to Detroit to Japan to Australia and now call New Zealand my home. I've also quit my job as a chef because all if do all day was graze.
I've realised I need to get off my asss and put down the fork. I need to get back to where I was!

Anyone feel free to add me! I've been sending out friend requests to everyone but no one has accepted and I'm feeling kinda defeated...


  • C_Stretton
    C_Stretton Posts: 201 Member
    I don't know if I'm funny or motivational, but I am here daily.
    I've had a rather crap year, gained a bit of weight back after maintaining for years, and am ready to get back on the bandwagon.
  • tmbg1
    tmbg1 Posts: 1,331 Member
    I'm hilarious 😂 feel free to add me.