My first two piece swimsuit

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I promised my 5 year old a couple of weeks ago that we would go to the pool on a hot day. I stopped by Walmart to pick up a swimsuit because I haven't purchased one since before she was born. NOTHING fit me. Even after losing 15lbs in the last 2 months, I couldn't find a swimsuit at Walmart that fit. It was incredibly disappointing.

I took a moment to feel that frustration, but I had made a promise to my kid, so off to the mall we went to see what Torrid had to offer. They had no one piece swimsuits at all, but several options in two pieces. I took a deep breath and tried on a few, not feeling impressed and feeling incredibly self-conscious at the idea of being in public with any part of my stomach showing.

Norah started whining about how long the shopping was taking--she wanted to be in the water, darn it! So finally I tried on the last swimsuit. I stood and looked at myself in the mirror for a long time. I posted a selfie on twitter to ask my friends' advice. And then I bought it, because how was I supposed to tell this little girl I'm trying to raise to buck society's expectations and love herself for who she is "Sorry honey, we can't go swimming after all because people would frown on a woman my size in a swimsuit that shows my stomach"?

We got to the pool, I put on the suit and immediately started receiving compliments left and right. I actually felt *good* in a swimsuit for the first time in my life. I wore it again this past weekend on the beach, laying out in the open for the world to see, stretch marks and all. I felt confident. I felt bold. I felt amazing. And honestly, that's the best NSV I could ask for.

So for those of you standing on the sidelines missing out on incredible memories because you are worried what other people might think? Just go for it. I promise you it's worth it and you'll be having so much fun you won't even notice those jerks.




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    Wooohooo!!! Amazing! Thanks for sharing! You look awesome, and the suit is so cute!
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    Good for you! Enjoy the warm sun.
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    You look amazing! :)
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    I love your post and love that you bought the swimsuit. I need to take your advice and get off the sidelines!
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    What a powerful moment for you!!! And look at your daughter-message received! That's awesome. I'm SO impressed and happy for you. I hope this propels you to more success. We all need to realize that we're worth our own self love :heart:
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    I love this!

    I have always been overweight and a swimmer. I decided many years ago that if someone else's biggest problem was the size of my a*se then good for them, I have other stuff to do 😀

    You both look gorgeous in the pic x
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    The second picture brought tears to my eyes - you both are beautiful!
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    good job! enjoy!
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    When I hit 200#s I said heck with it and bought 2 "bikini's" on line for plus size woman. I love my swimwear! You look adorable...good for you!!!
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    Wow what an inspiration you are. Thank you and my hat goes off to you enjoy every moment life is short and you are beautiful!👍
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    You are an inspiration! Plus, you and your little girl are SO CUTE. :smiley: I'm glad you went for it! You rock it!!
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    And why not :) They are making some lovely two pieces for us larger ladies lately. I wore a bikini for the first time in 35 years in May and I felt great. It was always those itsy bitsy bottoms that used to stop me wearing them.

    Good for you for choosing your little girl over what others may think. You look great.
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    Own it <3 Looks great and what a terrific message of self love and powerful female bodies for your daughter! This made my day!
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    I love this post! And it is a great suit, and even better attitude! You go!
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    A-MAZ-ING!!! You look great and I hope you are having a great time living your life on your terms. We should all be so bold.
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    Atta girl! Good for you for stepping outside your comfort zone. You are an amazing Mom. You put her ahead of your own discomfort. Keep it up!
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    You are amazing.
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    You have a body, you put on a bikini, now you have a bikini body - awesome!