Losing weight on food alone- zero exercise (due to disability)

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Anyone trying to lose weight on just their diet, with zero exercise - for me this is due to pain & disability.

Anyone else? Hows it going for you?


  • MsHarryWinston
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    Completely doable. You don’t need exercise in order to lose weight, you just need to eat fewer calories than you burn, and you burn calories simply by being alive.
  • Stickyfingaz85
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    i lost almost 10 stone with no exercise. i started from a very high weight and exercise was pretty much not happening ..just ate a controlled diet .so as above says its definitely doable :)
  • manderson27
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    I have lost 23 pounds without exercise. I have Osteoarthritis which is actually getting better with the weight loss. So hoping to add in exercise so I can eat more. :)
  • seska422
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    I lost almost all of my excess weight (~130 pounds of the ~145 that I've lost this time around) without exercise.

    I don't like varying my calories so I experimented to find a comfortable calorie intake amount that was lower than the intake estimate for my goal weight and stuck to that for a couple of years. As I approached my goal weight, I added some walking and I've kept that up throughout maintenance so far.
  • elsie6hickman
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    Would you be able to do chair exercises? When you sit in a chair and just do some things with your arms? I can imagine your situation, because I have fibromyalgia and all of last year I was in terrible pain. Good luck to you! Clearly some people have had success. We'll look for you under success stories at some point!!
  • phinners
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    Thanks all great to hear your stories, you’re all clearly on the ball with things x