Motivational friends 🤓

Hey! I am wanting to loose the last ten pounds of stubborn fat. Im a brides maid for a weeding in October and would like to meet friends so We can support each other.


  • buckeye213
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    👋🏻 starting all over again in week 2 going into week 3 of exercise and eating right again... Need to lose at least 20-30 lbs but I will take small steps to get there 52 so my metabolism is at a crawl right now
  • nessabrandonwilson
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    getting married first time and wanting to lose weight. and im slacking off. need help and advice to stay on track
  • PocketPatti
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    Hi! I'm back on here again. Trying to lose 25 lbs. No set time frame, but I'm hoping to continue a good momentum of eating right and exercise. Hoping to meet new friends here for support and motivation. 😊
  • Junebug2022
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    “Weeding” 🤔
  • jonathanthewlis
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    It’s hard the last push, but look into intermittent fasting that’s how I did it
  • Justn83
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    Heyyyy :)