What's worked, what hasn't worked?



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    What's really not working for me right now? This is going to be a bit of a rant. I'm at my limit with helpful friends who insist that I'd be healthier if I would just change my thinking, my beliefs, and my attitudes, as though my body is just a reflection of my mind. I could go on but I'd like to hear from you.

    I'm trying to imagine what they are saying! Is it the "mind body connection," comments that stress or lack of sleep is what's keeping your weight on? That always seemed like a bunch of hooey to me. But I do agree that after you lose the initial weight in the first 6 weeks or so, your mind has to kick in and you need to stay disciplined.
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    I lost a lot of weight before calorie counting and exercising. It was all going fine until I couldn't exercise. Then I just slowly put back on all the weight.
    This time I haven't done additional exercise just walking. I have used the calorie counter every day to balance my meals and nutrients. I have lost 50lbs since January eating a mainly plant based diet and I feel great. I feel that I will be able to continue this lifestyle when the weight loss is over. I might then add in some additional exercise as I used to love running and swimming.
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    What’s currently working for me:

    - not keeping food in my house besides snacks like fruit and oats. I know this is shocking, but I have no will power or self-control. I even binge healthy food. I am going the expensive route of ordering (usually) semi-healthy meals to my house or picking them up 2 times a day (normally wraps, sandwiches, rice bowls, SOMETIMES salads) made with a lean protein and veggies, and making them more nutritious (wheat bread, brown rice, grilled, no cheese, light condiments)

    - walking, jogging at least a mile, and strength training. I have plenty of calories to spare! Averaging 1200 per day

    -not drinking alcohol

    - I ditched the scale. I’ll weigh myself in 4 months.

    It’s so much easier this time around because I know what messed me up in the past.

    What I could be doing better:
    More water and more sleep! And more patience!
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    I'm also of advanced years and it's harder to lose weight the older you get. Exercise is a challenge but I try to do what I can, I had two major surgeries in three months and it certainly knocks you back. Logging is really helpful but it's still a challenge when I tend to stress eat with snacks at times.
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    What has not worked:

    Limiting carbs.
    Limiting dairy.
    Drinking more water.
    Exercising more.
    Trying to eat intuitively.

    What has worked:

    Focusing primarily on nutrition/diet and logging and weighing everything.
    Eating 1200 -1400 calories a day.
    Avoiding restaurants.
    Skipping a meal so I can have 2 larger meals.
    Prioritizing sleep over exercise.
    Not keeping treats in the house.
    Breaking up with my ex.