Finding the motivation again...

I started using this app around this time last year and became very committed for a long time. It worked GREAT for me. I loved how you could basically eat what you wanted as long as it fitted within your calorie range.. it motivated me to walk in case I went over my calorie goal or if I wanted to eat more.. it taught me how quickly calories can add up in portion sizes.. I loved this app and was so faithful to it and lost a decent amount of weight. Since having my son three years ago, it has been the only method that worked. I maintained what I lost for awhile, despite drifting away from the app. But with stress of school, kid, work, etc; everything piled up and I have become so stressed that over the past couple months I’ve put weight back on. Now I’m not super upset with myself, as set backs happen and I’m not gonna add more stress by stressing lol. Weight gain happens!
The only thing that is stressing me out is the fact that for the past month I get into the mind set that I’m going to get back on track, and I can barely do good for ONE day. Usually I’m not so unmotivated but I’m finding it really difficult to find motivation.

It’s like I know I need to lose, but have such little interest in doing so :c

Help!! Lol. Thanks for reading.