Is yoga considered exercise?


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    It would probably realllly depend on the class. I just started some really basic "flow" classes and my goal is stretching (as I have increased my running and am sore at times). This class is great for the body but no, it wouldn't really add much in the way of "exercise calories" for you to eat back.

    But I know SOME yoga classes are much more energetic.

    Ideally if you can find a heart rate monitor and see where your heart rate is during a given class you'll get an idea.
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    Yes. It usually isn't a big calorie burn, but it is movement, and movement promotes movement.
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    hatha, restorative, yin not so much
    vinyasa(sp) can be more since it is more active.
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    Depends on how you define exercise. If exercise is simply movement in addition to the movement you do in your normal daily routine, then yes. But if exercise is strenuous activity or activity that burns a large number of calories, then no, unless you’re doing one of a few specific forms of yoga.
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    For what purpose are you wanting to define it as exercise or not? Otherwise I'm not sure how to answer. Are you wanting to know if it will get your heart rate up? Depends on the type of yoga I suppose.
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    Yes it's exercise. Especially if you follow the poses correctly and actively engage the muscles as instructed. It's not cardio, it's more in line with strength training for the calories burned. I wouldn't do only yoga for exercise.

    I do yoga four times a week. Three flow classes and one yin class. My yin class is recorded but I reduce what MFP wants to claim as calories burned to 100 (which I don't eat back). I also do Orangetheory (heavy cardio with some weight training) twice a week about to bump up to 3 times a week next week.

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    Yep, for sure it does and it's both exercise and relax therapy for your mind and body. If you don't know how to do it or what exactly you need to do, just take a look at morning yoga routine to get your day started the most righteous way you can only imagine. Tried it a few times and it a blast - you get energized for the rest of the day.
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    As others have said, there are MANY types of yoga...and it can be anything from meditative or restorative poses (which may not count much at all) to high intensity yoga which will challenge elite athletes.
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    One thing I did not see mentioned here is how some types of Yoga can build muscle. While not the same as a cardio burn, you will still burn more calories daily with greater muscle mass. So even simple flow classes where you do chair, warrior and planks you can build muscle in the arms, legs, and glutes. BEST of all yoga strengthens the mind!
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    I do both heated and unheated “dynamic” vinyasa flow classes.

    In a 75 minute class, I typically record 60-65 minutes of actual flow on my Apple Watch. (I “end” the session on my watch before we do the typical final twist or inversion prior to shivasana.)

    I usually record 300-325 calories for a hot class, and 50-60 fewer for an unheated class.

    I’m pretty confident with how my watch is tracking my various exercises, however, I go pretty balls to the walls, trying everything that’s presented whether I can do it or not, and (for example) taking the second push-up option on chatarungas, or holding a full bind in side angle. I’m not the greatest yoga in the world, but I put a hella lot more effort in than some folks I see in class.

    I think that if you’re willing to put hard, consistent and thoughtful work into it, it is most definitely an “exercise”.

    Ironically, I don’t record my weight lifting sessions as exercise on my watch because there’s so much darned rest in between.

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    I practice yoga for a year and I don't consider it to be like you do exercise or workout. I think training is more about the body. Yoga is about a healthy body and mind. When I started to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle I found out about yoga. My favorite pose is dancer and tree. I found many yoga balance poses on the Internet and learned them. Yoga helped me a lot to keep my mind and my body healthy, to be more patient and balanced. Workout and exercising are more about having a beautiful body and not necessarily a beautiful mind.