Scales for Weighing Yourself

OddDitty Posts: 248 Member
I had thought to drive to the doctors every week but they told me to weigh myself every day because, with liver disease, making sure to keep water weight off is primo. Anyway, I had a regular old style analog scale and it was as irregular as could be. So I went out and got a Weight Watchers scale. Does anyone else use one? Or what scale do you use?


  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    Mine is a Weight Watchers one too, I'm not impressed by it, it needs to be calibrated every time or it remembers my previous reading :/ hope mine was just a one off as I wouldn't recommend it. However it does let me keep a tab of my weight daily and I record that reading on a trending weight app called Libra.
  • mazurkiepolish
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    I have 2 scales, just Walgreens brand. I had bought two because one was getting pretty old and always giving me errors. I feel like it is an accurate scale. I always weigh myself at the gym as well and get the same weight, give or take a couple ounces.
  • Jthanmyfitnesspal
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    Almost all the ~$20+ digital scales on Amazon are fine. If you doubt your scale, weigh yourself with and without 1-2 gallon jugs of water (8.34 lbs each). First, weigh yourself alone. Then weigh while holding 1-2 jugs of water, then weigh after putting them down. A good scale will return to the original weight and will report the proper difference within about 0.5 lbs.