What you like to do for fun?



  • GreenValli
    GreenValli Posts: 1,054 Member
    Make pinatas and bake cookies
  • HoneyBadger302
    HoneyBadger302 Posts: 1,927 Member
    Motorcycles. Racing in particular, but can't afford to do that every weekend, so track days and some street riding and wrenching help fill in the gaps.

    Plenty of other things I love doing, the above just takes up most of my time and money.

    Other things I would like to do include riding horses, reading, playing video games, hiking, exploring new corners of the city, etc.

  • CaptainFantastic01
    CaptainFantastic01 Posts: 9,551 Member
    I like to read, I like to write poems, i like to sing and make videos

    I have't had a lot of time to do these things though
  • CaptainFantastic01
    CaptainFantastic01 Posts: 9,551 Member
    Nothing currently so I shall follow this to get some ideas, try to remember what I once was

    Hey, I was there too. It's fun to find yourself. Read books. write things. watch scrubs. the whole works
  • ff41128
    ff41128 Posts: 23 Member
    Going out for dinner.
    Watch films at home.
    Bit of gardening.
    Clean the house, I like it clean.
    Visit the spa.
    Nails done.
    Beauty treatment.
    Face masks & relaxing.
    Walks in the countryside.
    Cuddling my cats.
    Shopping for new clothes.
    Chatting on MFP.
    Surfing the web.

    And most recently, reading books. Fun and relaxing at same time.

    I won't ever learn a new language, too lazy for that I think. Playing an instrument? I played as a child but tbh, not on my radar right now. Think I'l be focussing on learning and getting good at exercise next and that will be a hobby. Whatever that may be, id like to try out some yoga I think.

    I hear yoga is fun
  • 81Katz
    81Katz Posts: 7,074 Member
    I'm stepping outside the box lately with some new things I signed up for. It's been fun!
  • KLCruz88
    KLCruz88 Posts: 90 Member
    My two beautiful boys take up most of my time, but when I do have a spare minute, I love to sketch.
  • Mandygring
    Mandygring Posts: 704 Member
    I like too many things....dancing, fishing, gardening, shopping, hanging out at the beach...could go on and on and on lol
  • Dead_Mans_Party
    Dead_Mans_Party Posts: 891 Member
    The possibilities are endless. The pic says it all, riding is high on the list.
  • Jonesingmucho
    Jonesingmucho Posts: 4,902 Member
    Paint and draw
    Go out with friends
    Flirt and stuff
  • bojack5
    bojack5 Posts: 2,859 Member
    Play guitar....sing
  • Dance....sing.... cause trouble
  • Rich42677
    Rich42677 Posts: 467 Member
    Dance....sing.... cause trouble

    Trouble could be fun😈

    Workout, cook, flirt with all the MFPers
  • ythannah
    ythannah Posts: 4,357 Member
    Gardening and hiking, for half the year anyway. Hanging out with my dogs. Spending time with friends, it doesn't really matter what we're doing, when the company is good it's always fun.
  • RedStickdad
    RedStickdad Posts: 156 Member
    fishing, camping, forging, cooking
  • 777Gemma888
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    edited October 2018
    My answer would have been "sexy time," however, I haven't had that in a long while ... I'm going to say, swimming, tennis, trekking through unpopular trails, 4wheeling, watching friends play poker and silly/comedic karaoke.