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Unhappy while on diet - Unhappy when I feel like I'm getting fat



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    an hour on the treadmill at a decent pace and incline, and it's like it never happened.

    As with many other things the above works when you're doing it in moderation. But it can become a serious problem in the "right" circumstances!

    You left out the beginning of my example, so I don't think you're talking about the same thing I was talking about. What are the "right circumstances"?

    Exercise bulimia. Punishing self / eating activity with exercise. Exercising every bite eaten. When exercise and food control start negatively affecting quality of life.

    Nothing wrong with going for a long walk/run and expending some of the extra energy from that cheesecake on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

    Something wrong with being out there running for 2 hours at 2am to make up for the midnight slice of cheesecake while your knees hurt and your heel bleeds.

    Thus, exercising off your extra food "as if it never happened" only works... in moderation!

    I don't think anyone here is advocating exercise bulimia. The op was complaining when she loses weight she feels deprived and hungry. As a man of your intelligent mind set, you know we have 2 options. The two i listed above. Move more eat more, move less eat less. No one should have food guilt IMHO. If you want the cheese cake, well have it. When trying to live on 1200 cals a day, that is almost nearly impossible. Well, if you had a big hike today and you know you burned 400 cals over normal, well to me, no guilt. Humans by there very nature are consumers. We are built to eat and move. When that cycle is broken, bad things happen. People get the options of moving to eat more, or gaining weight to eat more as tdee goes up. I choose to move. I think you do as well.

    I am 100% on board the do more AND eat more than you otherwise would while still creating a deficit, i.e. lose sensibly at highest possible caloric intake. And, in general, the move more to counteract current sedentary society trend.

    However I was reacting to a piece of advice I've seen a couple of times which specifically advocated erasing an item of food / over eating episode with direct exercise to make up. And I am saying that this works; but only in moderation. Because it has detrimental possibilities if taken to an extreme and eat a treat and exercise it away become synonymous and excessive.

    Who ever woo'ed you good sir, can stick it.... well.... anyways. I agree.
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    It sounds like you might overrestricting. That commonly leads to bingeing because your body simply can't deal any longer with not getting enough nutrition. My suggestion is that you up your calories a bit and make sure to work in foods that you like.
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