Observation From 30,000 Feet

Not really a discussion per se, but more an interesting observation. I recently visited a functional medicine practice. My hope was to review my medical history and nutrition for the purpose of disease prevention.

On the first visit, we talked for 90 minutes and did blood work. I was referred for another test called a Bio-Scan (all included in consultation fee).

My second visit, I spent 90 minutes with the doctor reviewing results and suggestions. This included supplemention recommendations, possible food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, stress management and sleep improvement strategies.

In a total of maybe 10 visits to primary care over the years, I’ve spent a grand total of 30 minutes with a doctor. And most of that was being referred out to specialists because they had no idea what was causing sleep disorders, pain, etc.

I was sent home with a ton of paperwork and reading materials, an analysis of my biometrics and solid nutrition advice.

On the way out, I noticed all the patients in the waiting room were in right-sized bodies. Another stark contrast to the waiting room of my conventional doctor.


  • SummerSkier
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    Sounds like you found a great clinic and got your money's worth. Would be interested to hear more details about what their recommendations were.
  • AnnPT77
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    And I'll be interested to hear how well their recommendations work. (Well, I hope. :) ).
  • nowine4me
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    It was about $400, they don’t take insurance. The results came back as nearly ideal in most areas - chol, nutrient balance, no food allergies (except minor sensitivity to wheat). A little low in zinc, calcium and b12 (vegan). The only issue of note was my hormone levels. I went off the pill earlier this year and am very low in estrogen and testosterone. We decided to see how things look in 6 months after everything is balanced out. I can get everything else I need with some minor diet tweaks.
  • Hamsibian
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    I would love to see a functional medical practitioner, but can't afford it. I know others who went that route, and they all thought it was helpful. Interested to see how everything works out for you!
  • icemom011
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    I will admit, I'm somewhat sceptical of this branch of medical practice, but it doesn't mean I'm opposed to it, i think both sides have good and not so good doctors. I have someone in the extended family who's a practicing holistic doctor, but i haven't experienced her in that environment, just occasionally socially. And she looks down on and dismisses most of the traditional medical science. That is a huge red flag to me, i can't see myself trusting my medical care to a doctor with such attitude. I guess i was lucky enough to find good, caring and smart doctors and plenty who were not, but I don't usually stick around with the later. It would be definitely interesting to see how things will work out for you, because i think that's the way to go, for as much as possible, with diet adjustments and careful tweaking of supplements. It's definitely not easy to find a regular conventional dr who's willing to take time and go that route. So best of luck, and please post updates, @nowine4me!
  • spiriteagle99
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    I've never heard of this before. It sounds interesting. I've been very disappointed in my usual medical care. Five minutes for my annual appointment gets my blood pressure and HR checked, referrals for a mammogram and my thyroid medicine and that's about it.