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Have you traveled to Mexico for dental work in the past 5 years?



  • kshama2001
    kshama2001 Posts: 28,034 Member
    gcibsthom wrote: »
    Don't know about Mexico, but I can recommend my dentist in Thailand. She's excellent and it's way cheaper (including airfare and hotels) to get the work done there than here in the states...(and a better job I think)

    I had a boss who went to India for extensive dental work and was very happy with the results.
  • MikePfirrman
    MikePfirrman Posts: 3,307 Member
    edited September 2018
    There's a retired dentist (American) that lives in Tucson and drives people in a van a few times a week to a modern, vetted dental clinic on the other side of the border. I've heard nothing but rave reviews about this service, this group. If you think Dental is cheap. My wife had Piriformis release surgery around 5 years ago in Belgium. World's top doc (98% success rate). $2500 out of pocket for everything - testing, diagnostics, hospital, surgery, aftercare, even drugs and crutches. She had better care there than anywhere in the US we had ever been. Stayed in Brugges (just gorgeous) for a week after recovering. The price I got in the US - only three docs even did it, was 80K! And the leading doc was being sued here for crippling people.