Weak wrists

As the title suggests, I am prone to weak wrists (have a bit of repetitive strain/carpel tunnel going on). I have been incorporating strength training for around 4 years in my workouts, I have a home gym and selection of weighted dumb bells I use plus body weight exercises.

I get wrist pain, more so in my right wrist when I do floor work, push ups in particular. The pain wont be apparent at the time but the next day it will arrive, it feels like a sprain and I can hardly lift anything weighted, I struggle to lift even a kettle! this lasts for a few days. I lay off the training for those few days and then its back at it.

Planks also can give me hip and groin issues - again it must be a weakness I have.

Is there any way to strenghthen my wrists/ hip flexors or is it really down to what my doctor once said to me 'TMB' - too many birthdays!! (I'm 49)

Other than that I have really good strength, muscles are visible in my lean legs/arms/torso.

Suggestions welcome :smile:



  • sijomial
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    When I was rehabbing from a double wrist injury (a car driver used me for target practice and I proved the old adage is true - "flying is easy, landing is hard") the angle of my wrists during exercise was crucial. If straight I could do far more than if my wrists were flexed.

    Cable machine in the gym helped (you get to choose your wrist position), push up stands instead of hands to floor would be worth trying - could also do fist push ups if you want to look hardcore :). Neoprene/Velcro wrist supports also helped me but my injuries were different to yours.


    PS - definitely not TMB, just too many injuries. :)
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    Thanks for your suggestions @sijomial I feel daft that I hadn't thought to use wrist supports! doh! that's an excellent idea.

    I will also try the close fist approach or look into getting some push up stands.