Anyone have any tips on things I can do to stay focused on this weight loss journey

Looking for a support system. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes type 2, My doctor keep telling me I can turn this around if I lose weight.


  • AngelLizbeth
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    Hi I think having someone to be truthful with helps and also keeping busy doing things that have to be done, and adding in some you like doing. For me I just keep focusing on how others will see me when I succeed to my goal weight. I have different stages for reaching success. Its funny but having spent a couple of months switching from sugar to sucralose and not really liking using sweeteners much I actually drink less fizzy drinks now. I reduced my caffine down to one hot chocolate made with unsweetened cocoa powder, hot water, 1 tsp xylitol and some double thick cream yummy which I ad a tsp of collagen and thats my breakfast. Otherwise I leave caffine alone. Don't know if any of this has helped you but for me coming down from 17stone 12 lbs my worst weight to todays weight of 16stone 5 lbs 4 lbs of which I dropped off since yesterday.... I am happy and that spurs me on to keep going... Wishing you loads of success in your slimming journey... regards Liz
  • johnnylakis
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    One of the easiest things you can do is stop eating processed sugar (sugar in your coffee, cookies, anything out of a box) and eat only fruit if you want a snack.
  • Kathryn247
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    Losing weight takes determination and patience. Be determined to do it for yourself and the life you want to live.
    Start logging everything you eat, including cooking oils. Use a food scale to weigh your food in grams and find an accurate entry in the MFP database or create your own. Try to get close to your calorie goal every day. Then be patient and let the process work!
    You CAN still eat processed sugar and anything else you want, just make sure you log them and realize they have to fit into your calorie goal. Look for food that keeps you feeling full AND happy. :)
    I can't eat everything you want all the time anymore, but I still eat things I love and I've lost 47 pounds, more than 25% of my starting body weight. It totally works!
  • Kar1us
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    Congratulations on taking steps to improve your health! Here’s my point of view. Try to remind yourself often why better fitness is important to you. Diabetes nerve pain was a nightmare for my mom. She got foot problems and a wheelchair. I decided to lose weight when I was diagnosed pre-diabetic and had knee problems. Losing weight made walking less painful. Eating is like breathing in that it’s necessary, can be practically automatic, and is actually within your control. Being conscious of the total calories helps you make choices about what to eat and when to eat that fit your goals. Gradually, you get enjoy the positive feedback of losing pounds and feeling healthy. I wish you complete success in banishing diabetes from your life and feeling great!