Pointers on my daily food please

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Hi guys,

So, I've been working on my food diary (i've let it slip for a few days :/ ) , and I think i've got my daily macros pretty much figured out.

I like very simple. Basic meals, cheap/efficient. What i'm trying to figure is if there is anything i'm not considering to improve this meal plan (I tend to eat the same food 7 days a week).

My goal at the moment is 11 and a half stone (my weirdly fluctuating readings of homebargains scales puts me somewhere between 10 stone 3 and 10 stone 5.4 lbs lol!) .

Any help would be appreciated please, simple things to add to improve (ideally i'd love to have it where a large portion of my daily plan isn't the proteinshake. Money will sometimes be an issue.)

Thank you in advance, my diary is public on my profile.

EDIT - , added link for simplicity. https://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/recodeexistance


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    honestly, as ridiculous as this is going to sound - i don't eat much veg. i tend to go more with the multivitamin route for my micros lol
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    Nony_Mouse wrote: »

    i second this...

    and it looks boring as hell eating porridge 3 x a day, but you hit your macros so you're fine...

    if you want ideas for food i would suggest you find some pals with similar a calorie goal and check out their diaries.
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    My two cents here if you buy into it or not, split some of those meals up eat 5 times during the day.
    I agree some potato or yams instead of the oats, at some red meat.