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HeyJudiiHeyJudii Posts: 255Member, Premium Member Posts: 255Member, Premium Member
Does anyone know of a site that shows what various weight gains looks like?

I understand that weight gain is individual, but there are sites that show what the average body fat percentage looks like, so I was wondering about:
5 lb gain
10 lb gain
15 lb gain

I tried Google, but all I could find with the keywords I used were images of what various weights look like on people with different heights.


  • BrianKMcFallsBrianKMcFalls Posts: 184Member Member Posts: 184Member Member
    Your best bet would be looking at before and after pics in reverse, I doubt anyone outside of the science community would be documenting weight gain in pictures.

    But as sardelsa said, even that is very individual.
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  • hesn92hesn92 Posts: 5,466Member Member Posts: 5,466Member Member

    that site is for women though, I can't see your profile to tell whether you're a man or woman.
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