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Generally new to MFP

seanbrannanseanbrannan Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
Used this app a long time ago, but wasn't really serious about it. Trying to lose weight and get in shape. Started at about 22.5 stone. Now down to between 18 stone 9lbs or 18 stone 11llbs depending on what time of day. Hello to all :)


  • cheryldumaischeryldumais Posts: 1,556Member Member Posts: 1,556Member Member
    Welcome. It's actually pretty easy once you get into a routine. Lots of successful folks on these boards.
  • johnderobeckjohnderobeck Posts: 35Member Member Posts: 35Member Member
    Hey Sean,
    I have been using MFP like you but just getting into the community. Sounds like you are doing pretty well so far.
    Good luck!
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