Rib pain squatting

As the title says. Anyone else experience this?

Started as a 'niggle' after one of my workouts, a little pain middle of very lower rib right hand side under arm, but it's getting worse each day to the point i'm considering if i should put off my workout today and see a doctor on Monday.



  • AliNouveau
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    Not a lot of help but I had rib pain for a year last year. I recently learned I've a rotator cuff issue and in compensating for it I was causing this rib pain. I had assumed I had pulled the little muscles between the ribs doing oblique work.

    So I advise to get it checked because it could be something else causing the problem.
  • Chieflrg
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    I tore my intercostal muscles in my lower left ribs in the hole while breaking in a new belt squatting a few weeks out from a powerlifting meet. I couldn't lift with a belt until the day of the meet. After discussing it with a powerlifting coach Dr Jordan Feigenbaum, I found by lifting beltless both on squats and deadlifts I could perform a full range of motion with only mild discomfort so that was my plan as I continued training.

    Is there a range of motion, stance, or a squat variation you can tolerate pain (gets less noticable as you train)?
  • recodeexistance
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    Thanks for the replies Ali and Chieflrg. I've visited my doctor, as it's since progressed to include severe lower back pain (can barely reach down to pull a sock on level of pain lol). I'll be seeing a physio tomorrow. I'll post in here again as to what the issue is, it may help other people in a similair situation.