Binge eating support

Anyone here have a problem with binge eating and willing to be an accountability partner? I would love to have someone to just chat with throughout the day or even just a few times a week. Problem is, I rarely reach out to people for fear of being a nuisance.

I really don't want to undo the progress I've made the last 470 days (although its been excruciatingly slow progress).

I guess mainly I'm just looking for a friend or two.


  • sarahisstrong77
    sarahisstrong77 Posts: 2 Member
    I would love to! I’m just getting back into the swing of things after taking the last 6 months off (and gaining over 20lbs in doing so)
    I feel the same way - I don’t want to bug people. But you won’t be bugging me ☺️
  • Florida_Superstar
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    I struggled with binge eating and bulimia from the time I was 16 to early 30s. I've been healthy for years now, but I definitely understand it. I work from home and can normally answer a message, so feel free to reach out. You wouldn't be a nuisance. :smile:
  • My_Butt
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    I also struggle with binge eating which attributed to my bulimia.
  • Running2Fit
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    I struggle with binge eating as well. I use to get into cycles of binging, then hating myself for it and over-restricting, which then led to another binge, and so on and so forth.

    It’s part of why I don’t do cheat days. I don’t want to get back into that unhealthy cycle.
  • SeptemberRain81
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    Thanks all
  • PositiveChange2013
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    Binge eating and drinking has been a major struggle for me going back to May, 2017. I've spent too much time using food and beer as a crutch. Then I end up hating myself for it day after day.
  • My worst is after 9pm. If i stay up late the fridge is too much of a temptation. So i have decided to go to bed and the temptation isnt there.
  • brightsideofpink
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    I gained most of my weight from binge eating. One cookie was never satisfactory. One piece of pizza wasn't going to do it. Can't just eat a few chips.

    Ironically, acknowledging that has helped me to stay on track when I've been most successful. I don't eat that stuff at all because I am aware I won't get any satisfaction out of it until I have far far far too much.

    As an aside, I once took a hypnosis for weight loss class. No, it wasn't a magic pill, but it was fascinating exposure. I didn't stop craving the reeses cup, but I started to find that just a small one tasted so incredibly rich, so much so that one was good enough to satisfy. The effects were short- maybe a week or so, but it was fascinating to feel satisfied with tiny bites of something, something I'd not otherwise ever known.
  • themexicanbigfoot
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    Compulsive binge eater. I would also love to have friends that have experience with this so I will have someone who knows what I'm going through. I was in therapy for a long time and had some success but recently I've fallen into old habits. 2 years ago I lost 80 pounds and sadly, I have gained most of it back.
  • FebruaryStar3
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    I can relate to almost every story here. I've gained and lost the same 60 pounds at least 3 times since 2004, I know how to eat and exercise to lose weight but stress and my horrible binge eating cycle makes me regain every single time. The IDGAF attitude comes out and all the sudden I am downing a dozen donuts and a bag of chips in one sitting...and I could do that multiple times a day on really bad days.

    Working on the emotional support more this I am optimistic, I can change.
  • showjack70
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    I have binge eating tendencies as well. I have managed to lose most of my weight and keep it off for nearly 6 years. However, I still binge/over eat on occasion. In fact, I had 6 tacos and 10 donuts for dinner last night.. LOL.

    Feel free to add me for support.
  • I almost had my 6 pack back. I had my daughter in 2012 and was the heaviest at 196. I worked really hard to get to 151 in 2016. I was probably 10 pounds from having a 6pack again. I started my job and broke up with and off and on boyfriend and here I am 180 pounds of emotional eater.

    I didn’t even really eat sweets before the last 2 years. Maybe a piece of candy or a cupcake. Now I eat a bag or 6 cupcakes. Pizza is my arch enemy because I can’t just consume one piece. I can’t even keep ice cream in my house for my 6yo because mommy will eat it all while she sleeps so I don’t have to share. I need help. I’m also having a moderately major surgery on Friday and I’m worried about the outcome. I need to make these changes for me and my daughter. I’m here for you if you need to talk. Personal email is srpitchford at
  • mariahfrantzmf
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    I struggle with binge eating as well. I use to get into cycles of binging, then hating myself for it and over-restricting, which then led to another binge, and so on and so forth.

    It’s part of why I don’t do cheat days. I don’t want to get back into that unhealthy cycle.

    This my life to a T! If I have cheat days it is just more gas to fuel the fire, meaning it just makes me go way off track and then I end up ditching my diet for a week and its a vicious cycle.
  • SueTommo
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    Hi, I'm new here. I diet easily during the week and binge at weekends. It's a pattern I can't seem to break. I'm just starting out on here but am worried that I'll just lose weight and then put it all back on when I go on holiday in one month. I'm not in control of my eating. I think I am but it's an illusion.

    It's helpful to read that I'm not alone in this problem. But I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
  • Running2Fit
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    Ugh...I got stressed (spent all morning at the DMV) and binged this afternoon. Not totally crazy but I’m about 600 calories over my calorie goal with just lunch today. I’m trying not to fall back into the trap of just not eating tomorrow to try to make up for it. I’m mad at myself though.
  • OnceAgainIvette
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    I struggle with binge eating and Bulimia. Feel free to add me and we can definitely chat. Is a struggle every day and I know is not easy.
  • sylvia270
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    That is one of my struggles
  • wannabesmaller2017
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    I’m a binge eater, too. I find that I am an all or nothing type person when it comes to food. I can’t just have one cookie or piece of chocolate or whatever. It just leads to overeating. Or worse, binge eating. I’m the worst at night when my husband is gone and the kids are in bed. I always feel so out of control. And holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas make it worse.
  • UnicornAmandaPanda
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    I struggle with this too. Anyone feel free to add me