Reality Bites

I could give you my long detailed history with my weight but instead I’ll sum it up. It’s been one of the dominant themes in my life, whether it’s up or down. From back to school shopping in the “pretty plus” department as a kid to wilding out in college after losing the 50lbs that kept me insecure and anxious in high school.
I thought in my 30’s I had gained real confidence as a human regardless of my size. My highest weight was 243 at 5’4.
Skip forward eighteen months, I’m working it and I’m 194 lbs.
Here is the kicker, I’m struggling now after losing 50lbs with a negative body imagine. It’s like I’ve woken up from being in denial. I see pictures of me at my biggest and I cringe. I’m more embarrassed now then I was than. I feel more critical of myself.
Don’t get me wrong I’m also very proud of myself. But it’s almost like at my biggest I couldn’t allow myself to feel really truely bad about my weight, I had to live in a certain amount of denial in order to face each day.
Now that I’m getting fit I’m living in reality and part of that feels really negative about my weight. Not all the time but occasionally it’s overwhelming.
For me right now I think I’m just trying to recognize these feelings and allow myself to have them.
Has anyone else experienced the emotional roller coaster of coming out of denial and into reality when losing weight?


  • erjones11
    erjones11 Posts: 422 Member
    My wife was pulling some old pictures of our kids out of storage the other day. I am really big in some of those old photos and hate looking at them. She even said look how big you are in these. I'll take that as a complement. About 85 pounds heavier then I am right now.

    We can't change the past but we can work on our futures now and everyday.

    At 160 pounds I still have issues with my body, mostly with extra skin and tone. I am working on them and committed to not going the other way in terms of weight. I keep looing my calories, lifting and cardio. Maintaining my weight and focusing on recomp is where my head goes when I get down.
  • rsclause
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    So true when you see pictures of the heavier you but I suppose it is worse if you feel defeated or unable to change it. For me the first time was about proving I could lose my beer gut (50 pounds worth) and I did. But then it came back and I had those negative feelings when the clothes stopped fitting or a picture/ mirror showed my belly is back. I procrastinated as long as I could and this time I was scared. I knew health problems would soon find me and I didn't want that. Not there yet but I am headed in the right direction. OP, stay strong while dieting is not fun I have found that when I combine it with getting really fit it helps my mind get in a better place.