Maintaining gains while injured

HI guys and girls. I recentley injured my back and ribs. I'm assuming i should alter my diet plan to a maintenance calorie intake while i recover/seek medical attention?

If so, how accurate is MFP diary for this? Will it take into account the fact i'm not working out at all, although i do still attend work (active job working in a warehouse).


  • kshama2001
    kshama2001 Posts: 27,199 Member
    Yes, I agree with eating at maintenance while you recover.

    On MFP you log working out separately and get exercise calories when you do, so you'll be not logging workouts and not getting calories. You set your activity level here:

    The "How many times a week do you plan on exercising?" does not actually get factored in to your calorie goal. I don't know why it's included there.
  • recodeexistance
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    Okay thank you for the advice. I haven't been working out very long (4 months or so?) and i don't want to lose the progress i've made. I have been in a decifit the last couple of days due to a combination of a drink binge with a friend, and also just the irritation/sadness at not being able to work out lol. But, i'ma whip myself back to form tommorrow.