Feeling alone and looking for accountability partners

Hello everyone,

I have been in a rut the past couple of months and trying to get out of this hole i dug for myself. I really do not have anyone in my life that is on a weight loss journey and am looking for people on here that would like an accountability partner.


  • sandramanfht
    sandramanfht Posts: 1 Member
    I am here for you. I have struggled my whole life with weight. Up and down yoyo. Starvation and weight watchers only to regain weight lost and more. I lose weight and say " I am never going back" and before I know it here I am.
  • sara4220
    sara4220 Posts: 21 Member
    Hey added! I'm in the same boat as you, I don't have anyone around that has really struggled with their weight. I've lost around 40 lbs since May and I still have a long way to go. Here if you want to talk!
  • YogiCece
    YogiCece Posts: 32 Member
    Hi you two. I can relate to both of you. Been up and down since my teenage years - going back and forth between spending months in a rut thinking I'll never be able to get myself to get back on track to finally getting back on track only to self sabotage...over and again. My main problem has always been sugar addiction and overeating in the evenings. These last few months I've been jo-jo-ing without any real progress and I'd really like to stop that trend. Would love to connect with others like yourselved who are motivated to change but looking for outside support and someone to be accountable to.
  • BonitaJas2911
    BonitaJas2911 Posts: 5 Member
    You are not alone!!! Its extremely difficult when you are trying to better yourself... for me its an overall evolution I am trying to achieve not just weightloss... but we have to keep our heads above water while everyone else is living carefree
  • CassAvaRea
    CassAvaRea Posts: 1 Member
    Can I join?! New single mommy, and I’ve gained way more then even my highest when giving birth. I do have family but they are stuck in their ways so not very supportive to someone trying to eat better and be healthy. I’ve just become so unhappy and uncomfortable and I don’t want my daughter to know me that way. I would love to have people to talk to when I lack motivation. Vice versa!
  • BonitaJas2911
    BonitaJas2911 Posts: 5 Member
    CassAvaRae OMG I know exactly the feeling you are having!!! Its like this black hole that sucks you in & you have no idea how to get out all while your kids are watching & you have to smile... Change is achievable.. you just have to commit to yourself!
  • kllb
    kllb Posts: 1 Member
    Hi, I’ve been using this app for a few years now and never posted before but could also use some accountability! It feels as soon as I take my eye off the ball all the weight just piles back on 🤦🏼‍♀️

    I’m sure we can do better together!
  • elisa123gal
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    It seems the "struggle" is just part of the deal. I lost my weight this year.. but maintenance is really keeping the struggle going. That's the truth. For me, I gain about five pounds.. then lose it before i start regaining it all back.

    So this time when any of you lose and get to goal.. just make yourself go back on the diet before you gain more than five pound.

    It feels like a yo yo..a struggle.. but you are never fat again. I just wish I could feel a sense of relief or like I've made it to my destination and I can rest. But that's just not so.
  • I'm also looking for that "accountability" until the good habits form. Yesterday was a perfect example. Had a great day then those tiny little Halloween chocolate bars that were leftover called me. The post-feast guilt and shame is not worth it, let alone the lack of weight loss. I can't go buy bigger pants but I'm sure struggling with the ones I own now. I would be glad to support anyone who needs it.