Gluten Free Ideas

Hello everyone,

I am looking for some Gluten Free ideas, specifically for work and on the go. I have pretty much mastered dinner, but feel like I eat the same old thing for breakfast and snacks at work each day. Just curious what everyone else eats throughout the day at work. Looking for easy make at home and bring to work or pre-packaged ideas. (I have no dietary restrictions other than Gluten Free)

Thanks so much in advance!! Any and all suggestions are appreciated!



  • TavistockToad
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    Anything with rice or potatoes or gluten free bread or pasta.

    I usually have salad 3/4 x a week, and meal prep chilli/bolognese/soup at the weekend to have and then have a shop bought sandwich/sushi on a Friday.
  • dhiammarath
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    I throw together a hodgepodge of things: sometimes leftovers from the night before, sometimes a sandwich, sometimes a protein bar, sometimes a salad. I have to be very careful but my husband and I flipped our entire kitchen to contain only gluten free items except his few gluteny-poison indulgences (like his bread/bread buns) and some snacks. All self contained.

    I bought a bunch of soups to take to work that are all 400 cals or less (I love potatoes so I have a few of the Progresso GF potato soups XD). I like the Luna bars and I have Vans GF granola types to go with my yogurt I've started eating.

    I think the thing is... find things you like and then search for the GF replacement if it isn't GF already!

    I'm pretty lazy and my palette is simple, so I tend to eat the same things over and over again and not mind it. Plus, I keep lunch really small because I like eating the most at dinner (cause the husband makes such good things!!).

    Good luck!
  • collectingblues
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    What sorts of things do you like to eat?

    I'm a big fan of fruit or egg muffins for breakfast. Starch replacements are usually rice or potatoes, or a gluten-free pasta.

    A lot of stuff is *naturally* GF. And there are a lot of replacement foods these days. I'd say start with replacing your must haves and staples, and figure out what you generally like to eat, and go from there.
  • bigpalumb
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    Check out Cook's Illustrated Paleo Cookbook... it comes in paperback and digital formats and contains a ton of great recipes, which are all gluten free.