At what point did people STOP being supportive?


So I’ve lost a lot of weight. Nearly 100lbs and still losing a little more so I can hit my ultimate goal weight.

At first when I was losing 20-40 lbs and was still chunky people were so kind and supportive to me on my journey.

When I reached 60-80 I started getting the “isnt that enough?” “When are you going to stop?” “You’re going to get too thin.”

Now that I’m coming up upon 100lbs gone and have recently posted about a milestone of fitting into a size 0 it’s like a bomb went off. Family, friends, those random people from Facebook I hadn’t spoken to since high school suddenly telling me I’m “skin and bones” and asking if I have an eating disorder (which I did have when I was BIG not since I’ve lost weight!)

I’d say it’s pretty clear I don’t have a “too thin” appearance. I lift heavy weights and my weight isn’t really all that low. I am also very short and have always had small hips so size 0 pants isn’t that crazy I think.

Just wondering if any of you have had the same experience? Once you stop being the fat friend or chubby relative people don’t want to accept it.

Don’t think for a second I plan on stopping though! I plan to gain more muscle, strength and get lean. Always healthily!


  • candythorns
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    First off you look amazing. Secondly, keep it up, try to focus on the positive people in your life, the healthy ones.
  • onward1
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    88olds wrote: »
    When? As soon as my weight got lower than the person I was talking to.

    ^This, for sure. You look great, happy AND healthy!