Searching for women's athletic fit winter jacket

I'm looking for a hip-length winter jacket that is appropriate to wear on below-freezing days when I'm Nordic walking or skiing (so not super warm.) I have tried a few jackets on and am noticing that they are not designed for athletic women--I have slightly broad shoulders and don't carry much fat around my waist. In order to get a jacket that fits in the shoulders in some brands, I need to get one that is way too large around the waist. Which brands are a good fit for an athletic built woman? I wear a small or medium. Thank you!


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    I have broader shoulders for my frame too and all my coats are loose at the waist, even if I buy an XS. Instead, I wear a NorthFace fitted fleece jacket and then a regular snow jacket/puffer over that.
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    Arc'teryx makes great jackets if they fit you. Pricey though.
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    I'd look at outdoor/hiking brands... coats that are meant to be worn with a backpack, harness, etc. They are typically going to be a bit more streamlined, but not always. As with most things, you'll just have to try a bunch on and go from there. lets you sort jackets by fit (among other things)... might be a good place to start.
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    May I just mention that women of a variety of builds are athletic?
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    Options has decently priced items. for all different sort of sports.
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    Our go to for outdoor gear.