Breakfast protein ideas

Hi I know I need protein for breakfast, but I can't eat eggs or yogurt and shouldn't eat bacon every day right? I have had chicken on toast this morning and frankly it was a bit bleurgh! Any suggestions of an easy protein breakfast oh I don't eat processed meat or drinks either.


  • petethegamer_mfp
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    have you thought about protein pancakes? lots of recipes online.
  • huggit
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    have you thought about protein pancakes? lots of recipes online.

    No I hadn't will have a look
  • TavistockToad
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    i just have protein enriched cereal.
  • huggit
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    i just have protein enriched cereal.

    Thank you
  • stephieleee
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    huggit wrote: »
    shouldn't eat bacon every day right?
    i beg to differ B)

    in all seriousness though you could just add a protein shake or bar to your normal meal... or maybe have sardines or smoked salmon, cheeses (cream, cottage, cheddar to name a few), baked beans, peanut butter...

    obviously some of those suggestions are better sources of protein than others, but hey.

    Personally if it's not eggs and bacon, I like to have overnight chocolate protein oats which has 18g of protein in the form of a delicious chocolate cake-batter tasting concoction.
  • LukeAMarkham
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    I really recommend yoghurt for a low calorie, high protein breakfast. I have 125g fromage frais (or any low fat yoghurt will do just the same), a scoop of protein powder to add flavour, and I also have granola from myprotein which is very tasty and great macros. I suppose other granola or cereal would do but try to get good protein:calories as some cereals are just criminally high cal.

    All in all what I have is 333kcal for 45g protein which is amazing.
  • shaf238
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    I don't eat what you would call breakfast foods solely at breakfast time (or other foods at other times), I eat what I need to in order to hit my calorie/macro goals. That being said, I would recommend protein porridge or protein cereal with skimmed milk.
  • avskk
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    I love ham, smoked fish (particularly trout), and cottage cheese at breakfast. All of them are great sources of protein that pair well with other foods.
  • Kupla71
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    Baked beans are good. A bit high in sugar though. Or what about hummus on wasa bread with cheese on the side. Or peanut butter on toast. Hope some of these suggestions help. Good luck.
  • apullum
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    You don't have to have a lot of protein at breakfast. You need to get enough protein during the day, but there's no reason why a certain amount must be at breakfast unless that's your personal preference. If you prefer to eat most of your protein at other times, then try eating more fat and/or fiber at breakfast, since those things help many people feel full.
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    avskk wrote: »
    I love ham, smoked fish (particularly trout), and cottage cheese at breakfast. All of them are great sources of protein that pair well with other foods.

    I love eggs and usually have a 2-egg omelet with lots of veg, but I also like smoked fish (especially salmon, but trout works) or cottage cheese on the side or as an alternative.
  • dulcitonia
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    Rx bar... 12g protein and yummy, yummy goodness
  • jenniday1229
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    I love avocado toast with lox (1pc Dave's thin sliced bread, 1/2 avocado, 2oz lox, Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Seasoning). I try not to have it more than 1x-2x a week because the sodium creeps up on me like crazy, but the protein+fat combo is awesome and gets me all the way through my noon crossfit class easy.
  • Cbean08
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    I love protein, meat especially. Some of good combos -

    frozen grilled Tyson chicken, roasted broccoli with nutritional yeast and cottage cheese
    1 bag of Chefs Cut beef jerky, Quest bar, apple
    oatmeal, 1 scoop protein powder mixed in, topped with cottage cheese and banana
    sliced deli turkey, sliced cheddar cheese and hummus on a waffle
    Quest bar, Isopure drink, berries
    boca veggie burger, melted with 1 slice of cheese, 2 pieces of bacon, and a side of roasted Brussels
    2 turkey meatballs, English muffin melted with cheese and marinara