former foods make me feel sick

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It's been 2.5 years since I started mfp & changed my diet. I was curious if anyone else feels sick when they eat foods prepared as before, also restaurant foods. I rarely eat them or eat out. I got sick at Thanksgiving, I think from the heavy green bean casserole, then in my study group yesterday I had a small serving of enchilada casserole, got the worst stomach ache & re flux soon after & felt nauseated for several hours


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    Sure, any extreme change of diet, even it if is going back to how one used to eat, can cause distress.
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    If you changed your diet and eat a lot less fat, dairy, sugar, spices etc and suddenly eat something with a lot of those things I think it is pretty normal to have indigestion. If you continued to eat moderate portions of these things regularly you'd probably not be bothered by them as much again.
    You could talk to your doctor if the reaction seems particularly intense or long lasting. Maybe add a note to your food diary of when it happened, symptoms, how long you felt ill so you can see if there is a pattern.
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    Yes! The same thing has happened to me since I began my weight loss journey two years ago. My eating habits changed dramatically and I can no longer eat the type of foods I used to or the volume. Not only that, I prefer my own home cooking to takeout or fast food. It's fresh, healthier and more flavorful. If I try to eat the junk foods that I used to, I'd be sick to my stomach.
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    no I have a strong stomach
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    Stomach of steel here.
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    No this hasnt happened to me - but like a few PP's, I didnt really change my diet - just ate some things less often and smaller portions of others.

    I have noticed that regular soda, which I used to drink fairly regularly, now tastes too sweet and syrupy.

    Doesnt make me feel sick, have just adjusted to diet versions.
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    If I eat in a way I haven't in a really long time, and in a big way, occasionally I'll see some minor symptoms. I assume one's digestive system (and those many friendly gut bugs) adapts to how one eats. It's like the inverse of people having digestive trouble if they suddenly/dramatically increase fruit/veggie consumption. I've never had really major symptoms, though, even from major quantities.

    It's possible that some people are more sensitive than others, though: I truly am a peasant, not much sensitive to anything.
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    For sure, I've never been able to eat a lot of oily or greasy food but these days it's almost intolerable. I get a very quick bloat and painful stomach at certain restaurants.
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    I can't eat greasy foods (onion rings, I'm looking at you) like I used to. But I think that's contributed more to getting older than changing my diet.
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    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    No...I eat pretty healthy overall, but I still enjoy things like pizza and whatnot...there aren't really any foods "I used to eat"...there are foods I eat less of now, but I still eat them. Personally, I don't think of chicken enchiladas as a "junk" food either...I live in New Mexico, and it's pretty staple eats...


    I still go to restaurants once a week or so, but I don't waste money on restaurants where I don't think the food is that great. If I'm going out to dinner it's an interesting or delicious place (or one I think might be and want to try), and different than something I could cook at home in some way. And most of the time it would be higher cal (often due to butter!), but not a particularly non nutritious meal overall -- certainly it would have a good amount of vegetables, protein, as well as probably more fat and carbs than I eat on other days.

    The danger here, at least, is that really good restaurants deliver too, so it can be tempting to do that instead of cooking, but saving money, as well as calories, is a good reason not to, and I really do like to cook and eat my cooking.
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    For some reason I thought this was going to be a discussion about things that were formerly food - like you find in the back of the fridge? :D Those make me sick to my stomach every time!

    But I really haven't found anything I used to eat more of specifically making me ill. If I overdo, that's another story.
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    pinuplove wrote: »
    What's wrong with chicken enchilada casserole?

    To answer your question, no, but with a caveat. I can't eat the volume I used to without feeling sick. Individual foods, regardless of whether they are fried chicken, creamy soups, or cheesecake, etc., don't seem to bother me. I never gave them up though, just moderate portion sizes.

    ^This. I can't eat a lot of certain things, particularly fatty foods (they're not the best for me for medical reasons anyway), but it causes me digestive issues and triggers reflux. But I can still have some. Then again, I had the issue with fatty foods and reflux when I was still obese!