Pickled Egg recipe?

fdhunt1 Posts: 222 Member
Anyone have a good pickled egg recipe to share?


  • bigbandjohn
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    I love this recipe as a baseline:


    Works out to 141 calories/serving including some of the beets.
  • lilithsrose
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    I've tried so many pickled egg varieties. Traditional is still my favorite though.

    First I hard boil and peal the eggs. Then I I add a boiling mixture of 75% white vinegar to 25% water, then add some garlic, salt, and dill weed. Let them sit for at least 5 days before eating. You can also add some red pepper flakes if you like spice.
  • OddDitty
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    agree with the recipe above. Though when I lived with the Amish, they added beet juice for color. It was really cool!
  • dechowj
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    I cheat with mine. I buy the huge jar of pickles from the store and eat all the pickles. Then I boil the left over juice, but the peeled eggs into the jar and pour the juice back in and let it sit for about a week in the fridge.
  • funjen1972
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    Basic recipe as above, but some extra ideas are:

    Jalapenos (just pour a whole jar with juice into pickling liquid)
    Beets canned or fresh - makes pink eggs
    Tumeric...beautiful yellow eggs
    Citrus and zest in place of some vinegar - lemon & dill is great!
    Fresh hot or sweet peppers
    Hard cheese cubes
    Rosemary and sage
    Hot sauce
    Japanese style - Soy sauce, wasabi, ginger and mirin.

    Sooooo many options!
  • w8goal4life
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    I tried a pickled egg recipe just this week. Thought it would be something different for a change. Discovered that I lived well without pickled eggs for the first 68 years of my life; and they won't be missed for the rest of my life, either. Definitely won't be making them, again; so have at it...you can have all the pickled eggs you want! I can find a better use for those calories.