Fitbit versa

I have a Fitbit versa. It sync everything Fitbit does but my workouts. My friends has the same watch too and it picks up her workouts but mine won’t. I did go into check but I’m not sure what I’m looking for. I even unsync it and resync it.



  • Fflpnari
    Fflpnari Posts: 975 Member
    I have the charge, so it may be different for yours. Mine only picks up workouts if my HR gets high enough and stays high for several minutes
  • Duck_Puddle
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    Do you mean the watch itself (or the fitbit app) isn’t showing your workouts? Or do you mean that the workouts you log on your watch aren’t showing up in your mfp diary?

    If it’s the second one, that’s correct. Fitbit only sends over your total calories burned for the day (which includes your workouts). Mfp subtracts out the calories it expects you to burn for the day (based on the age/weight/sex/activity level you’re set at on mfp). The difference between those numbers is your fitbit calorie adjustment.

    You won’t see your workouts logged separately from fitbit (in your mfp diary).