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Thank you for helping me GET MY BODY BACK!!😘👏

FitKim39FitKim39 Posts: 36Member, Premium Member Posts: 36Member, Premium Member
Since I have been on this forum I have received such good advice and tips from many people that have taken the time to respond to my questions. I wanted to say thank you. I have always been a slim person my whole life and athletic. 8 years ago I got late stage Lyme disease and it has created several chronic health problems that have continued to be progressive. I initially gained 30 lbs and it has been up and down from a size 12 to a size 4. I have setelked at a size 6 which I'm very happy with. It is amazingHow much a regular exercise routine and good diet helps keep me in less pain and more energy. I have yo-yoed a little bit this past year. But it is much better than the 30 pounds I gained five years ago. Thank you for all of your help I feel more like myself currently.😎😘💃🥰kxwz4dp9b6p2.jpeg
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