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Living with negative comments...



  • BEVERLYSTEENBEVERLYSTEEN Member, Premium Posts: 102 Member Member, Premium Posts: 102 Member
    The people making those comments probably saw you fully clothed so have not seen the hard work you are achieving with the weights. Good job by the way! Just tell them you are not dieting but eating healthy then they will usually revisit their own eating habits. Stay focused and carry on. 🤗
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  • solieco1solieco1 Member, Premium Posts: 1,431 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,431 Member
    You look fantastic!
  • steveko89steveko89 Member Posts: 1,754 Member Member Posts: 1,754 Member
    It's unfortunate that so many feel it's acceptable to comment and project their own bias onto others. The perception of "normal" or "healthy" weight/shape has shifted so much that many don't know what to consider an appropriate size for people any more. I went from 195+ to ~165 lbs before senior year of high school and got even leaner to finish out my freshman year of college. Visiting high school teachers after that semester I had more than a few express concern that I was or had been ill despite being at a healthy weight for a sustained period for the first time in my life.

    You look excellent, btw. Don't let anyone try to make you think otherwise.
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  • jasmineconleyjasmineconley Member, Premium Posts: 438 Member Member, Premium Posts: 438 Member
    Great job! You look great. People always find something to complain about. Keep up the great work.
  • PAFC84PAFC84 Member Posts: 1,869 Member Member Posts: 1,869 Member
    I have people making jokes about my weight loss and fitness, telling me I’ll blow away in a light breeze, and am too skinny, etc. Very annoying, especially when I’m not even talking about my fitness journey much to anyone. Guess it’s something i have to live with. Anyhow, I’m proud of my accomplishments. Down 35lbs and BF down 7pts. bra580wil5m3.jpeg

    You don't look skinny to me-you look in good shape and strong. Are these people "out of shape by any chance?

    Just keep concentrating on yourself mate. Keep up the good work.
  • mcmurdah123mcmurdah123 Member, Premium Posts: 17 Member Member, Premium Posts: 17 Member
    Not to quote a singer or anything buuut... haters gonna hate... hate hate.. hate hate.

    I feel like there are going to be naysayers at every point of your journey. If you feel good about yourself (which you should, you look great), then that is what matters. if people worked on themselves as much as they criticize others, we would all live on a nicer planet.
  • leanjogreen18leanjogreen18 Member, Premium Posts: 2,492 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,492 Member
    I look at the person that gives me negaitve feedback are they overweight? Then it might be something they personally struggle with and might be unconsiously jealous.

    Is it a relative? They might truly be concerned and/or if overweight they also struggle with this.

    Is it a fit person? Then I might look at myself/bmi etc and just make sure I wasn't loosing too much (although you look great!) just to double check myself image.

    Sometimes it's a weird compliment.

    I personally have a trainer and I trust him and when I reach my goal weight I will use him as my shield - "I work with a trainer and he's happy with the weight I'm at, thank you for your concern though" something to that effect:)
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  • malika1976malika1976 Member, Premium Posts: 180 Member Member, Premium Posts: 180 Member
    I also think it is meant as a many posts here about people being mad that someone comments on their weight loss. Be grateful that it is not acceptable for people to say--"wow--you sure have packed on the pounds" or something like that when you were overweight. You do look amazing.

    @mountainmare You've got a point, but it is acceptable in my work place to say to people they've put on weight. You sound like people shouldn't complain when complimented. I grin and bear it but every time someone comments I want to punch them. One or two comments a day would be ok, but it's more like 15 separate comments every day for the past 3 months. On one bad day I got 62 comments. The comments make me feel incredibly self conscious because obviously people are looking at my body enough to notice. There is one rule at my house for my homestay student - no mention of weight is allowed. I need my house to be a safe space. The comments are making it difficult to keep eating due to self-consciousness.
  • elisa123galelisa123gal Member Posts: 3,872 Member Member Posts: 3,872 Member
    In the end, you have to know who you are and what is true. No one should believe what they're told. Believe what you know and see.
  • HarryJamesPotter7HarryJamesPotter7 Member Posts: 22 Member Member Posts: 22 Member
    You look absolutely incredible. I don’t see you as someone blowing away in the wind- quite the opposite!! Your muscle definition is amazing!! I see hard work & dedication! Something you should be ridiculously proud of. I’ve gotten comments over my body before as well. In our society it can be “weird” to see someone who’s exceptionally healthy, being that’s it’s sadly rare. It ends up making people react, sometimes for the worse (i.e. jealousy). I know how much those rude comments can hurt. Keep doing you!! You’re clearly rocking it!!
  • JeromeBarry1JeromeBarry1 Member Posts: 10,178 Member Member Posts: 10,178 Member
    Fewer funerals for you to attend.
  • GrnhouseGrnhouse Member Posts: 262 Member Member Posts: 262 Member
    Do what brings you joy.
  • grinning_chickgrinning_chick Member Posts: 767 Member Member Posts: 767 Member
    If it is a compliment, it is an odd one. Who talks like that? Maybe it is a regional colloquialism thing. Certainly would explain it.

    You look like if you were on a dating site and selected "fit" for body type, you would not be catfishing any poor potential date.

    Well done, you.
  • ogma6ogma6 Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
    I can see how after the first few times, that would really get annoying. It's very trivialising.
  • HalyzBioStructuresHalyzBioStructures Member Posts: 62 Member Member Posts: 62 Member
    Its hard to imagine sometimes that we can live and thrive in a world where what others think of us is less important than what we think of ourselves <3 awesome job ! Smile and wave :) they wish to be you :*
  • jseams1234jseams1234 Member Posts: 1,186 Member Member Posts: 1,186 Member
    Have you adjusted your wardrobe? You look good with your shirt off but if you aren’t wearing well fitted shirts it’s entirely possible you just look thinner than you actually are. I used to be pretty skinny and tried to disguise that with overly baggy clothes - in hindsight it just made me look skinnier. Nowadays, according to my wife everything I wear is one sized too small. ;)
  • alicebhsia1alicebhsia1 Member Posts: 82 Member Member Posts: 82 Member
    well, if you want my opinion i think you look great, but also on the very lean side. camera adds ten pounds so in real life you probably look thinner too. my ex used to have your build and he was always struggling to gain weight and everyone used to always say stuff like "get this boy a sandwich!" recent studies say that "overweight" people live longer now. i wouldn't take what people say to you badly though. guys like to bust on each other as a sign of friendship and some people are probably actually just concerned with your health. in any case i would take it as good natured ribbing..
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