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I need snack ideals please


  • leanjogreen18
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    Carrots and hummus, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt are my go to’s.
  • FL_Hiker
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    String cheese, hard boiled egg, One protein bars, apple, fiber one bar
  • Sambo_fitness
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    Check out pinterest for ideas!
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    So I just made these today. I had a lot of fruit pairs that we're going to go into fruit baskets but wouldn't last long as they were too ripe when delivered this past weekend. So today I peeled and cooked them down. Added lime juice/zest, Cinnamon, little pumpkin spice, and a few natural cherries and 2 Splenda brown sugar tablespoon to the pot. Weighed them out to 3 oz each and added marichino cherry (5 Cal's). I'm estimating 75 Cal's. plan to freeze and take with me for snack.
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    You said "ideals". The ideal snack is Tuna in water. Sorry.
  • IsETHome
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    Oh you might need to be more specific on your goal for type of snack.
  • jgnatca
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    For diabetes I look for a snack that has balanced macros. Edamame seed pods are about perfect. Or cheese and crackers. Not that many. Or peanut butter and apple slices.
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  • The only balls I put in my mouth

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    I am having frozen berries (Blackberries, blueberries and raspberries) right now. Sometimes I stir it in yogurt or cottage cheese but it is so sunny here that I am enjoying this frozen treat.

  • whatalazyidiot
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    My current favorite snacks:

    Apples w/almond butter
    Bananas plain or w/hazelnut butter
    Triscuits (reduced fat) w/Laughing Cow Swiss Light
    Fresh fruit - pretty much any kind
    Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt (15 grams of protein!) and strawberries
    Vegetables w/hummus
  • Fat free greek yoghurt or quark usually subsides any hunger for a good hour or two, good protein hit as standard. Makes me fart like a trooper though but that's something for my colleagues to deal with, not me
  • leopardeyes72
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    I like to make this fake "apple crisp". I basically just cup up apples and mix with some oats. Toss in some cinnamon and then bake in the oven for about 30 min. I can make a big pan and then split up into snacks for the week. The sweetness in the apples really comes out when they are baked, no need for sugar or anything. Delicious.

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    You can air pop popcorn in a good non stick pan. I use a stone sauce pan. Moisten with a little soy sauce, tabasco or melted butter to get flavourings to stick. Favourite flavorings are furikake, ranch dressing mix, nutritional yeast.
  • missysippy930
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    String cheese
    Turkey or beef jerky
    Hard boiled eggs
    Raw veggies
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    Hot tea and a couple of cookies
    Pita or veggies and hummus
    Cup A Soup
    Hard boiled egg
    Crackers and something