Tips for snowshoeing

We're getting a boatload of snow tonight and tomorrow, and I'm excited to use my new snowshoes. Any tips for getting a good workout? I'm thinking of using my Nordic walking or skiing poles. I can't find my hiking boots, and am trying to decide if I should wear my winter boots that don't have a tight fit, or my running shoes. Neither of them are waterproof.


  • lorrpb
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    Yes use your poles. You need a good snow basket on them, so hiking poles may or may not work but cross country ski poles should be fine. Wear your boots to help keep the snow out. Waterproof is preferable if you’re going to be out for very long. Have fun!
  • Tacklewasher
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    I don't like using poles when snowshoeing. I just find them awkward. They might give a better workout but I never got the hang of them and ended up carrying them. For boots I like tight fit at the ankle but room for my toes to move and not rub. Definitely want waterproof. I wouldn't do running shoes as they will get soaked and then your feet will get cold.

    I am more into cross country skiing now, but love being out on a nice cold clear day doing either. Whatever you decide, enjoy it.
  • SpicyWater
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    We're getting all that snow here too in upper Michigan now! I'd love to find some snowshoes and put them to use out there.
  • lalalacroix
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    How fun! I love snowshoeing. I really prefer to use poles because footing can still be unstable even with the snowshoes. I definitely wouldn't wear trail runners as they will probably get very wet.
  • littlebear0121
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    I found my hiking boots! They worked great. I used my nordic walking poles with snow tips, and they were helpful since the trails were pretty bumpy. Thanks for the tips! I'm going to go again tomorrow. @Tacklewasher, cross country skiing is just about my favorite thing to do.