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28 year old Mom of a 3 year old, looking for other moms to hold each other accountable! Add me πŸ‘‹ currently 183 with a goal weight of 160 πŸ™πŸ’ͺ


  • I'm a mom of 5, I was losing weight and on a great track this year, from the year before, until Feb 5th when I found out my infertility subsided and I found out I was pregnant!(I had a procedure in 2012 after my 2nd son that made me infertile, and needed special meds to have my 3rd and was told there was no way I would get pregnant with another without medical intervention and I was content with my 3 boys) well after a couple weeks I found out I wasn't just pregnant but I was pregnant with identical twins! I kept my gains for my twin pregnancy low (9lbs!) But i started off very overweight, after I had them I dropped to 209lbs, and then gained a couple back so I'm now sitting at 213lbs with a goal of 165lbs! I'm down 26lbs from where I started in December of last year, but now it's time to get back to the grind since I'm all healed up and my twins are now 4mos! Add me if you'd like!
  • TowWife17
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    I’m a mom of 3 boys , just turned 26. I’m currently 260 wanting to be 195. I would love to have someone to talk during the day Feel free to add me. 😊
  • adobbins9
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    I'm a mom of 4 looking to restart my weight loss after 2 back-to-back pregnancies. I've got a 3 month old and 17 month old to work my exercise schedule around and I need all the motivation I can get to FINALLY meet my goal of 130 lbs. I'm currently 170 lbs, feel free to add me if you like.
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    I'm a mom of two now. I have a 4 year old and a 2 month old. I need all the motivation I can get, especially since when I go back to work it'll be night shift. Finding the energy for my family, work and exercise is going to be difficult. Right now I'm wanting to lose 40 lbs. Feel free to add me!
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    Momma power!
  • LKL84
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    I’m a mom to two girls. 12yr old and 10mth old. Needing to loss 20lbs. Would love to support and motivate each other.
    Feel free to add me :)
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    Feel free to add me! Have a five year old son and a daughter on the way (due in April)! Active on here, encouraging and have an open diary.
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    Would love to have more mommy fiends! I am a mom of 7 but I had my last 3 back to back (they are 3, 2, and 1) and that’s when things got bad with my weight gain. Here I am! Let’s do this!
  • cristinaferea
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    New mom here! I’m currently pumping and would like to lose 40 lbs. I am open to advice and supporting and motivating one another.