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Lose 5lbs + in January 2019



  • Fitness327wkFitness327wk Posts: 2,847Member Member Posts: 2,847Member Member
    January 31st 💃🏋️‍♀️🏃‍♀️💪
    Challenge SW: 145.7
    Challenge Goal APRIL 2019: 130 (LOSE 15.7 pounds, YEA)!
    Jan. 7: 144
    Jan 14: 145 (Quit Drinking - body going through changes)
    Jan. 21: 142.7
    Jan. 28: 141.2
    Jan. 31: 141.2

    January Goal: -5 pounds (140 pounds)
    January Actual: -4.5 @ 141.2 😉 Next month I am focused on losing four pounds!
    Challenge Lost MTD (as of Jan 31): - 4.5 pounds
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Posts: 1,347Member Member Posts: 1,347Member Member
    January 1st - 181.4
    January 2nd -181.1 So glad to have my new digital scale so that I feel rewarded by "good" days. I am also happy with my decision to weigh every day, it makes me mindful every night that I will be weighing in the morning and affects my choices.
    January 3rd - 181.9
    January 4th - 181.7
    January 5th - 178.7
    January 6th - 182.5 Crazy how everything fluctuates. I couldn't believe yesterday, so weighed 5 times. Up 3.8 from yesterday, but I have skating on the docket for today. Perhaps I will discover a trend in something that I am doing, eating, or something that I am not eating with how it affects me.
    January 7th - 181.7
    January 8th - 183.0 - really don't get the gain this time, I was in really good numbers all week.
    January 9th - 182.2 - I seriously expect a really big loss soon. I am just sticking with it. I am working very long hours this week, maybe my body is holding on to it just in case.
    January 10th - 179.8 - not getting too excited, I see how I can be almost 4 pounds more the next day. Still, glad to be slightly under 180 at least for today : - )
    January 11th - 180.7
    January 12th - 182.4 - I was less disciplined in December and still lost weight, yet this month I am being so careful and am just not dropping weight. I have to stick with it.
    January 13th - 181.4
    January 14th - 181.7
    January 15th - 181.6
    January 16th - 180.3 - I have seen the 70s twice this month already, but not getting my hopes up just yet. Skating yesterday and again today. I work out every day no matter what, but skating seems to be the difference maker. Maybe because it is so fun and relieves me of stress at the same time as torching lots of calories. 16 days of discipline to lose a 1/2 of a pound is ridiculous.
    January 17th - 178.7 - Yay! 2 days of public skating makes such a difference. Wish that I could do it year round, it is the only thing that I enjoy for an entire hour.
    January 18th - 178.7 - No skating, so not even .1 of a pound. I did 30 minutes of Zumba yesterday and only managed to eat 1100 calories. Public skating is 3 days per week unless I drive to a different town. Lol, thinking about that!
    January 19th - 179.2
    January 20th - 180.7 - lack of sleep.
    January 21st - 180.7 - Up 2 pounds from the 18th. Even skated yesterday. I can't give up now though. Only 10 days until the end of the month. Hoping for a woosh. Very frustrated, not feeling like it is worth all of the effort today. Did 55 minutes of zumba. 4 days in the 70s this month, c'mon body!
    January 22nd - 180.9 - luckily I have skating today. .5 of a pound is not good enough for 22 days. Plateau?
    January 23rd - 178.9 - skating yesterday and again today, then none again until next week unless I can find a frozen pond while I am away for 5 days. I leave tomorrow and it is going to be a challenge with foodie friends cooking very high calorie foods. I was hoping to have had a bit of a cushion by this time in January so that I could enjoy myself on this trip, but I have had to be clawing for every increment of a pound.
    January 24th - 178.5 - result of ice skating yesterday. 7 days left in the month, 2 more opportunities for public skating before that. I won't be able to weigh in again until next Tuesday.
    January 25th -
    January 26th -
    January 27th -
    January 28th -
    January 29th - 178.6 - Not too bad! Glad to only have put on .1 of a pound, so much eating and drinking, birthday party, eating out. I was able to keep up my workouts. Only 2 days left of the month, 2 of those are skating days, so hoping to drop a bit more.
    January 30th - 177.3 - Yahoo! Skating today again too, hoping to end the month strong.
    January 31st - 176.3 - Wow, such a frustrating month, can't believe that I reached the goal. 2 days of skating, 2 nights of actually sleeping. Pretty happy!

    Running loss/gain for January - 5.1 loss for January
  • jenn990205jenn990205 Posts: 1,146Member Member Posts: 1,146Member Member
    Back again! Hopefully I can make up for December. I maintained which I guess is good, but didn’t lose much. I am looking forward to seeing that 140 decade this month.

    Original starting weight - 178
    December End Weight - 152.4
    January starting weight - 151.2
    January goal - 145
    Ultimate goal - 135

    January 1st - 151.2 good luck everyone!
    January 3rd - 156.3 ( up 5.1 pounds) My New Years day has caught up with me. Plus we had a freak blizzard where we live and got trapped in the house for 2 days. I didn't do to bad, but ate way more carbs than usual and it shows. It will be gone within a day or 2, but annoying still. This month I am hitting at least 146!
    January 10 th - 150.9 (down 1.5 pounds) Waiting for a woosh. Been here for a couple of days, so we will see what happens next week. I should see that elusive 140 decade.
    January 17th - 149.6 ( down 2.8 pounds) was lower yesterday but had a pretty big dinner. Was really hungry and ate even after I was full. Still happy with this number and ready to get to my 5 pound loss for the first time since doing these challenges.
    January 24th - 149.4 (down 3 pounds) I'll take it. Hopefully I can finish next week lower, but am happy with this month so far!
    January 31st - 148.5 (down 3.9 pounds) Can't complain and will take it. I did way better this month than I did last month.

    Total loss for January - 3.9 pounds See you in February!
  • mtaratootmtaratoot Posts: 1,935Member Member Posts: 1,935Member Member
    Original MFP starting weight (January 2018) - 168.2
    January starting weight - 151.0 (December 31, 2018)
    January goal - 147
    Ultimate goal - Range between 142 - 148

    This month I'm going to report scale weight and (ten day average weight).

    December 31 - 151.0 (150.8)
    January 7 - 149.8 (150.1)
    January 14 - 149.4 (149.0)
    January 21 - 148.2 (149.1)
    January 28 - 146.8 (147.3)
    January 31 - 147.4 (146.8)

    Total loss for January: Scale says 3.3 pounds; ten-day average says 4.0 pounds. I'm happy with the ten day trend. On to February!
  • dlhollin1dlhollin1 Posts: 335Member Member Posts: 335Member Member
    Original starting weight -276.7
    January starting weight -276.7
    January goal - 271.7
    Ultimate goal -220

    January 1st - 276.7
    January 7th- 273.3 good start getting off some of that evil holiday weight.
    January 14th - 271.3 down -5.4 two weeks to go lets try for a couple more.
    January 21st - 271.0 time to finish up strong
    January 31st _ 269.8 total lost -6.9 lbs a great month look out February its on
  • jwisdom80jwisdom80 Posts: 62Member, Premium Member Posts: 62Member, Premium Member

    Original starting weight - 194.8 (Jan. 2018)
    January starting weight - 208.8
    January goal - 204 (old) - hit goal on 10th / 200 (new)
    Ultimate goal - 145

    January 2nd - 208.8
    January 9th - 204.2 (-4.6)
    January 16th - 202 (-2.2)
    January 24th - 200.2 (-1.8)
    January 31th - 199.8 (-0.4)

    Total loss for for January: -9

    Not a great last week but happy with overall month! Bring on February!
  • tramaine_21tramaine_21 Posts: 346Member Member Posts: 346Member Member
    Once again, January was fantastic for me!

    The last two weeks really gave me motivation and results, which passed my expectations completely! I decided to end January with my lowest weight which was the 28th. That same day I went for a major hike and burned off an extra ounce but my weight didn't budge and I didn't know why...Well, later on that day I knew why: TOM! That explained it! So my body is "recalculating" and I will weigh-in after things are back to "normal".

    On to February! Let's do this!

    Jan 20th: 202.6 booo!
    ***8 day detox/fast***
    Jan 28th: 188.0 (TOM)

    -14.6 lbs!!!

    God is good!! Amen!
  • kahthompson1kahthompson1 Posts: 32Member Member Posts: 32Member Member
    Happy New Years
    I am in
    Jan. starting weight 239.8
    Jan. goal weight 234.8

    Jan actual weight loss 11.4 lbs down to 228.4 , good month for me. lets hope Feb, is good
  • ChangeIsGood29ChangeIsGood29 Posts: 100Member Member Posts: 100Member Member
    Original starting weight - 245-ish (237 when I started again this time on 1/1/18)
    Ultimate goal - 140lbs (hopefully even less but that's the goal for now)Original starting weight -

    January starting weight - 195.5
    January goal - 190

    January 2nd - 195.5
    January 8th - 194.0 (was hoping for a little more since I'm sure some is water weight but hopefully next week)
    January 15th - 191.5 (Yay! There goes the water weight, feel like I'm moving in the right direction again!)
    January 22nd - 190.0 (definitely excited about that, now to keep going in the right direction!)
    February 1 - 190.0 (would have liked to have been down a little more but reached my Jan goal so yay!)

    Total loss for January - 5.5
  • D_watch_meD_watch_me Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    Original starting weight - 163.6 lbs
    January starting weight -
    January goal - 158 lbs
    Ultimate goal - 125-130 lbs

    January 4th - 163.6 lbs
    January 11th - 160.7 lbs
    January 18th -162.7 lbs
    January 25th -161.3 lbs
    February 1st- 161.7 lbs

    Total loss for- almost 2 lbs. Going to strive to do better and get my eating under control. Find it hard to restrict sugar because I end of bingeing on cookies.
  • Fitness327wkFitness327wk Posts: 2,847Member Member Posts: 2,847Member Member
    I am READY to continue hitting my goals in February! In January, I am happy to report I lost 4.5lbs and down 3% of my body weight! At first I was a bit discouraged the first few weeks of January since the scale was not moving as much as I thought it should, LOL! I had stopped drinking all alcohol (I think my body was in shock, where was the vino???!!!!), eating healthy (prior I usually ate a pretty well balanced healthy diet) and focused on working out!

    Needless to say, calculating the % of loss in Jan, I am thrilled!

    All the best to everyone and achieving February GOALS!
  • awashi10awashi10 Posts: 16Member Member Posts: 16Member Member
    Current Weight (01/02/19): 190
    Challenge Goal Weight: 175
    Final Goal Weight: 155

    2nd Jan-190.00
    11th Jan-186.6 I haven't start working out yet. Just cut out fast food. I was a fast food junky
    18th Jan-184
    25rd Jan-181.4
    1st Feb181.8
  • amber9543amber9543 Posts: 17Member, Premium Member Posts: 17Member, Premium Member
    Original starting weight - 160
    January starting weight - 128
    January goal - 125
    Ultimate goal - 115

    January 03 - 127
    January 10 - 126
    January 17 -128
    January 24 -128
    January 31 -127.2

    I got so close to 126 but no cigar ! This just motivated me even more because I️m one month away from my Disney trip and i need to be in those shorts! February I️m gonna make you my b****!
  • Louz163Louz163 Posts: 206Member Member Posts: 206Member Member
    Original starting weight - 224
    January starting weight - 162
    January goal - 157
    Ultimate goal - 135/140

    January 2nd - 162lbs
    January 11th - 156lbs
    January 18th - 155lbs
    January 25th - 153lbs
    February 1st 1 - 159lbs

    Total January weight loss - 13lbs
  • Connie7355Connie7355 Posts: 465Member Member Posts: 465Member Member
    Original starting weight -236
    January starting weight - 203.6
    January goal - 198
    Ultimate goal - 160

    January 1st - 203.6
    January 4th – 203.6
    January 11th – 202.4 Getting closer to Onederland!!
    January 18th - 201.2
    January 25nd - 200.2 Hoping by the end of the month I’ll reach Onderland! Thought I’d make it this week but derailed myself last weekend. 😡
    January 31th -200.2 Can't seem to get out of the 200's. :( Hopefully February will be better!!

    Total loss for January -3.4 lbs
  • nicnznicnz Posts: 159Member, Premium Member Posts: 159Member, Premium Member
    Hmm been ages since posted, can't find my last message haha.

    Jan start: 72.4 kg
    Jan end: 70.2 kg
    Ultimate goal: 63 ish.

    Lost so far in 2019:
    Jan 2.2kg (4.8lbs)
  • cpanuscpanus Posts: 14,487Member Member Posts: 14,487Member Member
    Original starting weight - 192.2
    January starting weight - 148.0
    January goal - 146.0
    Ultimate goal - 135

    January 01 - 148.0
    January 07 - 147.6
    January 14 - 147.6
    January 21 - 144.8
    January 28 - 144.6
    January 31 - 144.6

    Total loss for January - 3.4 pounds!!

  • JennH517JennH517 Posts: 256Member Member Posts: 256Member Member
    I forgot to check in on Thursday to end the month.

    Highest weight ever: 254 in October 1999.

    Lowest since 1991: 194.4 November 25, 2018.

    Original starting weight: 243 in 2015.

    MFP Starting weight December 25th, 2016: 233.

    Goal: 180 in however long it takes.

    Weekly averages:

    December 24 - 31: 199.1... OK kids, party time is OVER!
    December 30 - January 6th: 199.8 -Rut roh!!
    January 7 - January 13: 199.4. Moving in the right direction again.
    January 14 - January 20: 198.3. That's more like it!
    January 21 - January 27: 198.1
    January 25 - January 31: 198.0

    Loss for January: 1.1 lb.

    MFP Loss: 35 lbs.

    Total cumulative loss since mid 2015: 45 lbs.

    See you in the February thread!

    Move more, eat less.

  • ladycopnh1ladycopnh1 Posts: 95Member Member Posts: 95Member Member
    January starting weight - 253
    January goal - 243
    Ultimate goal - 140

    January 1st - 253
    January 8th - 244
    January 15th -247
    January 22nd - 244
    January 28th - 243

    Total loss for January - 10pds
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