What are your goals?

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Hello :) I’ve started going to the gym regularly and hope to loss a bit of weight while getting toned. I’m finding it challenging to keep carbs low in my diet. What are your challenges you face and/or great advices to give?


  • Lutielu
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    The gym is easy for me, the food not so much. I try to make healthy choices throughout the day. Biggest downfall is mindless snacking or eating because I’m bored. Work in progress :D
  • deannaroseatx
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    I work 2 jobs, so the gym isn't really feasible. I've started getting to my day job earlier so I can take a longer lunch and go to the on-site fitness center and use the treadmill. I also just started keto, and am really quite confounded at how much added sugar is in almost everything we eat. I think the best way to go at killing carbs is going to be advanced meal prep, no pre-packaged or processed foods, everything from scratch. Not really a bad deal, since I love cooking anyways. My fridge is now filled with a week's worth of pre-made meals and salads, and I have homemade healthy snacks on hand.
  • crystalccarrell
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    I'm a total newb! :smile: I'm just focusing on eating more real food vs junk. Moving more. I'm more of a nature lover vs a gym person, so I am going to plan on hiking/exercising outdoors the most. Maybe yoga (VIA you tube) in my living room on days I can't make it outside. Not so sure about keto/low carb, etc. I don't know that I can follow that long term. I suppose a better quality of life & slow weight loss are my goals. :blush:
  • Gammashaw2014
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    My greatest challenge is keeping enough protein and vegetables in my diet. I guess you all are wondering "what do you eat?" I eat just a little of everything, but not enough of anything in particular. I feel like I'm losing my taste for food as I' m getting older. I guess my greatest challenge really is finding new ways to spice up my diet. Any easy recipe suggestions? :/