I am new to this group and I am looking forward to your support. I need to lose 70 lbs.


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    I’m 66 and sent you a friend request. I’m here every day for mutual support
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    Hello! I have 86 pounds to lose and will get this body moving! At 61, I like to feel sorry for myself at times, but decided to CHOOSE being positive and joy. Add me as a friend if you like...I too want to receive and give encouragement.
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    Fat and cranky about it. Trying to flip the script tho- It is longevity that concerns me. How do I take this in for GOOD?
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    How do I take this in for GOOD?
    Here is my take on that. I do not even think about how to do anything forever. Life has thrown too many curve balls at us so I know I cannot foresee the future. Ergo today I will concern myself with today, tomorrow I will concern myself with that new today, the day after.... Eventually my weight will come off. Not as fast as I want but it will work. "One day at a time." is not just for recovering addicts but for life.