Marathon Training - Winter Edition

Motivation, tips and tricks for winter running.
What are your goals for your marathon(s)?
What does your training plan look like?
What gear do you use? (Shoes, tech stuff, clothes, etc.)


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    I live in southern PA, so winters aren't usually that bad. It can get cold but there isn't usually a lot of snow. This year has been very mild, with only one real snow and few days below freezing. I run in the daytime, so get maximum warmth and sun. I don't wear any special gear, since I've found I stay warm pretty well without anything fancy down to about 10 degrees, and I haven't run much at colder temps than that. I have a treadmill for bad weather and have run up to 20 miles on it on previous years. My longest TM run so far this year was 18. Our roads don't have much shoulder, so if there is snow piled up, they aren't safe.

    I'm training for my 5th marathon on March 2 (Myrtle Beach, SC). I'm following Pfitzinger 55/18 - halfway through at the moment. I used it last year at Boston, and it made a difference. My A goal is to go sub-4:00, B goal is a PR (under 4:05), C goal is another BQ (under 4:20).