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Air fryer recipes

tbplanning08tbplanning08 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
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What are your favorite air fryer recipes or favorite thing to cook in it?


  • alliroberts38462alliroberts38462 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    chicken,Pork chops,Sweet Potato fries(homemade)
  • Noreenmarie1234Noreenmarie1234 Posts: 4,019Member Member Posts: 4,019Member Member
    acpgee wrote: »
    I love my air fryer. Great for removing subcutaneous fat from chicken and duck. Skin on chicken, duck breasts, duck legs. Score the skin of the duck and cook at 200C.

    For skin on fish fillets I like to air fry 3 minutes skin side up at 200C and then peel off the skin with tongs. Lay skin beside the fish to crisp up to a crackling. Use your nose because skin can burn before fish is ready if the filets are thick.

    I make roast dinner in the air fryer. Put in a small joint of roast beef or half a leg of lamb. Boil peeled potatoes for two minutes, drain and shake with fat (duck or goose fat, or butter are all good) in the dry pan to roughten up the edges. Scatter around the meat. Air fry about 40 minutes giving potatoes a turn half way.

    Top tips: Get an instant read meat thermometer to take the guess work out of cooking meat. Cut a piece of silicon mesh to fit the bottom of the basket. Nothing sticks to the silicon mesh.

    Yesterday I made bitterballen in the air fryer. These are a dutch bar food, croquettes made of beef stew that are liquid when you bite into them. The cheat's version is to make a roux using 75 g of flour and 75 g of butter. Then stir in a 400ml tin of commercial beef stew. Cool down to 5C and then roll the congealed stew into golf balls and roll in flour, egg white and bread crumbs. Spray with oil. Air fry 10 minutes. Next time I might experiment with adding gelatine, because official recipes specify making the stew with lots of gelatinous bones. The firmer the congealed stew is, the easier it is to handle.


    This looks AMAZING!

    I love everything from throwing in plain chicken/turkey breast with spices to veggies to cakes/cookies. Just google "best air fryer recipes" there are too many to name!!! It is so much fun to throw everything and anything into it and see how it comes out, lol.
  • acpgeeacpgee Posts: 3,285Member Member Posts: 3,285Member Member
    I also use the air fryer for roasting vegetables. It is better insulated and more energy efficient than my oven.

    Almost everything I used to do in the oven I do in the air fryer. Baking small lasagnas, clafoutis, etc.

    The only dish I still prefer doing in a conventional oven is spatchcock whole chicken. This makes use of the fact that a conventional oven is hotter on the perimeter (where the legs are) and cooler in the centre (where the breasts are). When I try to do whole or half chicken in the air fryer the breasts are overcooked when the legs are done because the temperature is too even.
  • Noreenmarie1234Noreenmarie1234 Posts: 4,019Member Member Posts: 4,019Member Member
    This was just plain turkey breast with some spices. It comes out AMAZING! The taste is completely different from when I bake it like usual. Experiment with everything!
  • 130by304eva130by304eva Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Cauliflower is delicious!
  • janemoyes7janemoyes7 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Got a Air Fryer for Christmas, now I am looking for some good recipes. Anything special? I see Cauliflower. Fried in air?
  • DX2JX2DX2JX2 Posts: 1,897Member Member Posts: 1,897Member Member
    Air fryers are just really efficient & effective convection ovens. Any recipe that involves roasting will work well in an air fryer. My favorites are potatoes and roasted veggies but I can't really say that the results are miles better than what can be achieved in a regular convection oven.
  • Jamicagirl26Jamicagirl26 Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    Love my air fryer
  • AudreyJDukeAudreyJDuke Posts: 973Member Member Posts: 973Member Member
    Great ideas!!!!
  • megsmom2megsmom2 Posts: 2,381Member Member Posts: 2,381Member Member
    I have air fried sweet potato fries for lunch frequently.....cut into fries, toss with a tiny bit of oil, season how you like, and yum!
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