Helpful Hints to start MFP

lalabank Posts: 1,009 Member
On my 137th day here on MFP here are a few things that might be helpful to those just getting started.
1) If you ask for advice the first thing everyone is going to ask you is “are you weighing, measuring and logging all of your food?”
-hint this is the secret to making MFP work
2) Join in the community, even if you just lurk. Join challenges but maybe just one to start. Make friends, the support and encouragement you will find is amazing.
3) if you do (and I encourage you to do so) join in on commenting and post know that clicking “WOO” is not a good thing like “woohoo good job” it means B.S. or “that’s quackery, I don’t believe you”
4)MFP subs “kitten” for curse words. Example “Bullkitten that is kitten quackery”
5) set realistic goals, my goal is usually 5lbs a month.
6) every single day is the same as January 1st. Every day starts new.
7) I believe everyone of us can do this but you need to believe it too.