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I have to lose 50 pounds. I am looking for supportive people!

kyanalynsiepe98kyanalynsiepe98 Posts: 27Member Member Posts: 27Member Member
In 2016 I lost 35 pounds using this app and Fitbit. In 2017 I had a death in the family and gained all the weight back and more. I am again on my journey to lose weight and I am looking for people to share the journey with.


  • loriatta1964loriatta1964 Posts: 4Member, Premium Member Posts: 4Member, Premium Member
    I would love to encourage you and be encouraged. I am new to fitness pal and have a lot of weight to lose.
  • yourpizzagalyourpizzagal Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    30lbs to go and I am here to join you!
  • KeylimecoconutKeylimecoconut Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    20lbs to go after dropping 80 a couple of years ago. Feel free to add me:)
  • FindMeUnderTheWillowFindMeUnderTheWillow Posts: 15Member Member Posts: 15Member Member
    I'm new and haven't figured out how to add anyone yet, but feel free to add me! I've got 100 lbs to lose in the next year and a half and would love to encourage and be encouraged by as many people as possible in this process!
    You've got this!
  • cmartelli1985cmartelli1985 Posts: 33Member Member Posts: 33Member Member
    Hi, new friend I have 4 kids under 7 and over the years have put on weight with each pregnancy. Work from home and struggling to do exercise. This year I have decided no more excuses. I am trying everyday to walk on the treadmill for 30 mins. Feel free to add me. Need to lose 39 kilos
    We can do it 🙂
  • SunSetTravelerSunSetTraveler Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    Hi there..the struggle is real! Having support can make a huge difference thru the good and bad days..I have 50+ to lose as well
  • ArielD84ArielD84 Posts: 3Member, Premium Member Posts: 3Member, Premium Member
    I lost 40 on my own then got laid off and gained it back. I’m doing low carbs low sugar and it’s coming off really slow this time. I’m kind of frustrated because I am looking to have a tummy tuck this spring but I need to be near my target weight which is about 20-30 lbs lighter. I’ve lost about 12 lbs since starting in December 2018. Looking for friends with similar interests to share recipes and exercise tips. Nobody around me is truly dedicated to this lifestyle so I feel alone sometimes
  • kyanalynsiepe98kyanalynsiepe98 Posts: 27Member Member Posts: 27Member Member
    Thanks everyone! I have added you!!
  • kyanalynsiepe98kyanalynsiepe98 Posts: 27Member Member Posts: 27Member Member
    I look forward to watching everyone meet their goals and stay determined! 😁
  • blwhitfield22101blwhitfield22101 Posts: 38Member Member Posts: 38Member Member
    I also lost a significant amount of weight in 2016 but gained it all back plus some going through depression. I'm now all about a healthy change in the new year. Give me an add! I'd love to help eachother stay motivated
  • JRO90JRO90 Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    I've got 80lbs to lose before my 30th! Looking for inspiration and all the support I can get! Good luck with it all :smiley:
  • kyanalynsiepe98kyanalynsiepe98 Posts: 27Member Member Posts: 27Member Member
    I added you guys!! 😁 You should add each other as well so everyone stays motivated!
  • Alia_RAlia_R Posts: 42Member, Premium Member Posts: 42Member, Premium Member
    You can add me if you like. I've gained quite a bit of weight since I stopped due to stress issues. Now that I've got my motivation back, I'm looking motivational people too :smile:
  • heather4life4heather4life4 Posts: 37Member Member Posts: 37Member Member
    Hello everyone! I too have 45lbs to drop. I'm great at being supportive of others, but not always so supportive or encouraging of my own self.
    Would love to walk through this journey with you ladies as well.
    Have a great Friday to all of you! And best of luck on your journeys! <3
  • LanieLanLanieLan Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Has anyone ever heard of intermittent fasting? Does it work?
  • kyanalynsiepe98kyanalynsiepe98 Posts: 27Member Member Posts: 27Member Member
    We can do it!! 🏋️👏🏻
  • jaysgirl092516jaysgirl092516 Posts: 18Member Member Posts: 18Member Member
    Hi, I am new to MFP this week. Feel free to add me. Also, how do I add folks and reply to posts directly on their original comment? Thanks.
  • witchaywoman81witchaywoman81 Posts: 280Member, Premium Member Posts: 280Member, Premium Member
    Feel free to add me. I’m looking to lose at least 50 lbs
  • greyparks206greyparks206 Posts: 165Member Member Posts: 165Member Member
    I’ve lost just over 57 pounds with the help of this app and community in the last 13 months. I still have 13 pounds to go; I’m in this for the long haul! I don’t profess to be an expert at this by any means, but feel free to add me if any of you want some “been there, done that” support.
  • BonnieHosk85BonnieHosk85 Posts: 977Member Member Posts: 977Member Member
    Joining the caravan to good health! 2019 is going to be the year I finally reach my goal weight without giving up and gaining back what I've lost. Done with the yo-yo!! Look for some friend requests!!
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