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My own success story

LisaMoxon155LisaMoxon155 Posts: 224Member Member Posts: 224Member Member
Ive been one of those ones that has been forever on a diet. I finally made the descision to make a change for my fruture.
I found MFP through a friend and what a great discovery.
It has been the best app i have ever used and the best "diet" i have ever followed .
Im so proud of myself but can finially put my very own success on here.
Ive always been body conscience and never truley happy with my apperance but now i am.
Back in May 2017 my husband decided enough was enough for him too and also joined MFP. As a team we help each other and support each other . He has lost close to 30kg and ive lost 19kg.
I took an updated photo yesterday and without being big headed i think i look good. Well sooooo much better than i did.
I notice when ive over eatern ,when ive not eaten the best i could, not drunk enough water. Ive at last listened to my body.
My mind feels great.
So heres my photos that i thought id share.
Left side of both photos were at my heaviest. Both on the right as i am now.

I wish everybody on their MFP journey the best of luck.
Its a long game but worth the results.
Not just for numbe ron the scales but for well being
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