Putting ON weight?!

Hi all,

I am trying to cut weight to ensure I am under 70kg for a kickboxing competition in November. I was losing weight fine before using the app and a week ago started using it and I log EVERYTHING.

So anyway, both Saturday and Sunday morning I weighed in at 72.6kg, making Sunday the first time I've failed to lose weight since using the app. However, this morning I was kind of horrified to see I'd gone up to 73.4kg. I'm always under my net calorie allowance of 1560 a day and am unlikely to be overstating my exercise seeing as I use a GPS app to track my jogs so what gives?

Any advise much appreciated.


  • DemoraFairy
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    People fluctuate, it happens. Today I'm 1.6lbs heavier than I was yesterday, and 2.7lbs heavier than I was 4 days ago. Track your measurements and look at the overall change. Water weight, sodium intake, undigested food; there are loads of things that can make you heavier than you think you should be.
  • scottaworley
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    Make sure to weigh your food.
  • xxnellie146xx
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    Do you regularly jog or have you been jogging further than usual? If your leg muscles are sore, you are likely retaining water. It will go away.
  • I would stop weighing myself every day and do it once (or twice) a week. I think this would give a better overview. I weigh myself every Monday and Thursday morning and I still get fluctuations, albeit smaller than when I stepped on the weight everyday.

    / M.
  • Izzwoz
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    What's your salt and water intake? I am up by a kg today from last Friday, and I have been eating in deficit - BUT I had a good amount of salty food over the weekend, and my water intake has been less than usual, so from experience I know this is to do with salt/water regulation and will go back down in a couple of weeks of "proper" eating and drinking water ...
  • Alanhalil
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    Blimey, lots of quick replies. Much appreciated all. The jogging I only started 3 months ago and yes I've been upping it in increments and I must be a bit thick as it was only until I just did 10 minutes of skipping that I realised my legs are sore :)

    So I probably have drunk more than usual.

    scottaworley - yeah have been (for the most part).

    DemoraFairy - not measured myself once actually, need to sort that out.