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Joined to get Control of Diabetes II

mlara10mlara10 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
Hello, I am 45 and have not been able to maintain my A1C Number due to lack of motivation, lazy, frustrated and of course just disinterested. But I have many health issues and well my New Year's resolution is to get serious about my health. that is all.


  • concordanciaconcordancia Posts: 4,901Member Member Posts: 4,901Member Member
    @mlara10 , there are plenty of people here trying to do the same. The successful diets range from keto to ADA guidelines, with most people somewhere in between. If you have questions, just ask!
  • crystalparentcrystalparent Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    Hi, I'm Crystal and I'm 52 years old. I was diagnosed 1 year ago. When I was first diagnosed, I followed a keto diet faithfully. My sugars went slightly down, but I didn't lose much weight. (My fault, not the fault of the diet) Lately, I have kind of waivered, however. My doctor sent me to a nutritionist. She is not on-board with the "true" keto diet but likes some of the aspects of it. She put me on a plan that is low-carb, but not so low as the keto..and not so high fat and protein. My macronutrients are different now, and I eat a very small amount of fruit now. I'm giving it a try. Feels like I left a religion or something. I'm struggling with the thought of it, silly as that sounds. But gotta tell ya, that 1/2 an apple I just ate for my nighttime snack was awfully tasty. LOL!
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