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For those who drink liquor...

stricklee11stricklee11 Posts: 149Member Member Posts: 149Member Member
MFP's database for 1 oz of rum is 64 calories and a shot is usually 1.5 fluid ounces. For those who drink on the weekends, do you reduce the amount of calories you eat in preparation for the 3-5 shots of alcohol you will have plus the chaser? Or do you create a deficit by upping your exercise levels for the day?


  • netitheyetinetitheyeti Posts: 190Member Member Posts: 190Member Member
    I either leave my exercise calories un-eaten or just aim for maintenance that day... I tend to like rum mixed with diet coke... I don't go out drinking very often though, and I don't overdo it
    I also occasionally enjoy a glass of wine or beer with my dinner, but that tends to only be about 100kcal worth so it's not usually an issue
  • janejellyrolljanejellyroll Posts: 20,811Member Member Posts: 20,811Member Member
    I have used both strategies . . . it's just like any other food. If I want it, I'll make room for it somehow. I personally choose calorie-free mixers/chasers just so that I don't have to account for those calories.

    (Of course, I'm aware that alcohol doesn't have any nutrients, so if I'm cutting food I want to make sure that I'm still getting everything that I need. For someone in a deficit, cutting 300-500 calories of food regularly can make it very difficult to meet nutritional needs).
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