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I need to lose weight hubby needs to gain

psychofairy25psychofairy25 Posts: 128Member Member Posts: 128Member Member
I need to lose about 30 lbs now and hubby needs to gain about 20 for health and low sugar. my son is somewhere in between. the problem lies in time. I don't have alot of time to meal prep and work out. hubby needs a reheat meal ( 15 min to eat) before heading out to work so it should be calorie dense but he cant hold alot when he wakes up and a 20 min lunch for over 14 hours of work and hour drive to and from. but all the meals I make are low calorie so I can loose. I am at loss. does anyone have any suggestions or meal prep ideas that don't involve beans, or casseroles?


  • jjpptt2jjpptt2 Posts: 4,415Member Member Posts: 4,415Member Member
    You can eat the same foods... just have him eat more of it than you do. That the true but oversimplified answer.

    If hubs packs a lunch, can he simply take a few extra snacks to get in some extra calories?
  • snowflake954snowflake954 Posts: 3,990Member Member Posts: 3,990Member Member
    jjpptt2 wrote: »
    You can eat the same foods... just have him eat more of it than you do. That the true but oversimplified answer.

    If hubs packs a lunch, can he simply take a few extra snacks to get in some extra calories?

    This^^^. If he's like my husband, he can use more protein. Get him some protein bars, chocolate, nuts, peanut butter sandwiches, cheese, etc. All are calorie dense foods. It should be something he likes and fast and easy for him.
  • RAinWARAinWA Posts: 1,485Member Member Posts: 1,485Member Member
    If he has problems eating when he first gets up but needs to, liquid calories might work better for him. My husband needs to gain and I've found making him a protein powder and milk (full fat) "shake" works really well. If your husband likes fruit you could add a banana or other fruit. Or add veggies. You can make some really calorie dense liquid meals.

    Given his time constraints, snacks probably would help a lot. Peanut butter, nuts, cheese, etc. Anything small that is calorie dense.

    For dinner he can have more food and add cheese, butter, etc. What I do is take more vegetables and give my husband more of the rice, potatoes or whatever starch we are having. My husband can't cook and is a bit picky but I can make pretty much the same meals for both of us and make a separate vegetable for myself if I want.

    It can be challenging but you'll learn how to adjust things as you go. Good luck!
  • jgnatcajgnatca Posts: 14,420Member Member Posts: 14,420Member Member
    Meal prep saves time. All you need to do is carve out an afternoon to get ahead of the game.

    I had a job with similar hours and commute as your hubby and I packed five mini meals to ride me over. He can eat the same meals as you, with extras. His extras can be full cream, nuts, hikers mix, and protein shakes.

    If I was in your hubby’s shoes I’d make a meal replacement shake maybe spiked with coffee and have that in the cup holder for the morning commute.

    I make oatmeal for a few days at a time. Make once, eat many times. Time savings. He has his with cream, you have yours measured with skim milk.

    For the main meal cook a roast, a tray of chicken breasts, or meatballs on Sunday. Carve up the leftovers for meals during the week. You change up the meal with different sauces; Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Italian or Meat-and Potatoes. If time is short buy the sauces.

    His sides will be more substantial than yours and you will eat more vegetables.

    One meal, different portioning.

    If time is short for exercise, sneak in time in the corners of your day. For instance get off the bus a few blocks from home and walk/run home. Run up and down the stairs during your coffee break.
  • apullumapullum Posts: 3,037Member Member Posts: 3,037Member Member
    Would it be reasonable to assume that for whatever you cook, he'll have two servings for each one you have? If he's hungry enough to eat that much, it seems like the easiest solution.

    Another option is put more calorie dense things in his meal. Put some cheese on his, or more bread/grains, or extra butter, or a big piece of avocado.
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