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Do you run on the days that you are sore from other exercises?

azzeazsaleh5429azzeazsaleh5429 Posts: 77Member Member Posts: 77Member Member
Just curious because I tried to run a day after doing strength training of lower body parts, I just couldnt do it.


  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Posts: 36,169Member Member Posts: 36,169Member Member
    How new to things are you? If you're fairly new, you'll likely need to take more rest/recovery days and build up to more days. I don't really get sore anymore from lifting so doing cardio isn't really a problem the next day. The only time I really ever had a problem was when I was new to lifting and when I was running Starting Strength when the weights got heavy and I was squatting every workout.
  • TavistockToadTavistockToad Posts: 35,844Member Member Posts: 35,844Member Member
    Just curious because I tried to run a day after doing strength training of lower body parts, I just couldnt do it.

    Yes. But only short easy runs.
  • ChieflrgChieflrg Posts: 7,675Member Member Posts: 7,675Member Member
    It's possible with the correct load management.

    I've ran every day for over a year up to 19 miles per day while strength training and playing baseball.

    I found it easier to seperate my training and running by 8-10 hours. So run or train in the morning and vice versa in the evening. Less taxing on the body and more efficient.
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  • GiddyupTimGiddyupTim Posts: 2,756Member Member Posts: 2,756Member Member
    I think it is pretty common.
    I am MUCH slower on the days after squatting and deadlifting than I am normally.
    Deadlifting, in particular, seems to take it out of me, and I am not recovered enough the day following a serious deadlifting session to run very well.
    The big, compound, lower body lifts are taxing. A lot of programs do not program them every other day precisely for that reason; they require a fair amount of recovery.
    I still do run the day after lower body lifting, however. I just try not to do it too often, however, because running is my main activity and I do not want to start accustoming myself to running slowly.
  • mburgess458mburgess458 Posts: 431Member, Premium Member Posts: 431Member, Premium Member
    Yes, sometimes if you try for an easy/slow/short run you get warmed up and blood flowing and it helps you feel better quicker (I think). I have tried for a short run and ended up doing my usual run because after a few minutes I felt pretty normal.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't take a day off if your body is telling you it needs it. There are degrees of DOMS obviously.
  • Running2FitRunning2Fit Posts: 710Member Member Posts: 710Member Member
    Yup. I push through soreness, not through pain. So if I’m just sore I do my run as scheduled. And usually I feel better afterwards, tired but better.
  • Duck_PuddleDuck_Puddle Posts: 2,432Member Member Posts: 2,432Member Member
    I don’t do quality runs the days after squats. I am ok after deadlifts and other lower body stuff but squats are just a different ball of wax for me. I do recovery/easy runs after squats (it helps me feel better) but not a “quality” running workout.

    Running is my primary concern. I schedule squats around runs that are important.

    It does get a little better after a few weeks-but squats are always a factor for me.
  • firef1y72firef1y72 Posts: 1,157Member Member Posts: 1,157Member Member
    Just curious because I tried to run a day after doing strength training of lower body parts, I just couldnt do it.

    Yes I run every day, sometimes with legs that barely want to move to start with. But I've built up to this and I'm training for a double marathon, I need to be able to keep going despite the aches (note aches not sharp, unusual pain).
    I also find that a short (3.1 mile) run will help ease the DOMs, once I've pushed through the first mile everything starts feeling better. In fact these "recovery runs are usually built in to marathon training plans.
    I'll run 15miles tomorrow, and by Monday morning my legs will ache, but I'll be doing 3.1 very slow miles to ease them off.

    Eta: because I'm training for the marathons although I do leg work with my trainer (and you really don't need to go heavy for the doms to hit) in no longer squatting or deadlifting anywhere nearly as much or heavy as I was.
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  • azzeazsaleh5429azzeazsaleh5429 Posts: 77Member Member Posts: 77Member Member
    I am on my 5th week of doing m&s upper and lower workouts. I found the day after I wasnt able to run was just fine and in fact I performed better. I have been graduating weights pretty hard but now I know my limits better I can focus on hypertrophy. It really helps to strength train along with running. Thanks for the feedback.
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